Moderne Gedenkmünzen können als Sammelgebiet viel Freunde bereiten. Aber eine nachhaltige Wertanlage sind sie nicht.

The Difference Between Stamps and Coins: Not as Trivial as You’d Think!

There are times when uninformed people buy anything as long as the object in question might retain its value. Disillusionment strikes when the market situation changes. The realisation that there isn’t a market for every collectible ruined many a collecting field in the past. Ursula Kampmann urges caution.

Four Special collector coins were released from the Royal Canadian Mint in celebration of His Majesty’s Coronation.

How Canada’s Coins Celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III

The Royal Canadian Mint released collector coins in celebration of King Charles’ Coronation. The coins feature the new Royal Cypher but not yet the King’s portrait. Find here more information about when to expect his portrait.

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (in the centre) is the tallest building in Harare. Photo: Baynham Goredema from Johannesburg, South Africa / CC BY 2.0

Zimbabwe Issues Digital Gold Tokens for Investors

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe offers Gold-backed digital tokens for investment. The offer closed on 10 May 2023.

A wearable proof of love: “Key to my Heart”.

CIT’s Key to my Kingdom

How do you show a person how important they are to you? CIT proposes a coin series with the special technique smartminting® in Ultra High Relief with Special Shape. After “Key to my Heart” issued in 2022, now comes “Key to my Kingdom”.

The picturesque location and impressive architecture fascinate everyone who is lucky enough to experience this wonderful symbiosis of art and nature. CIT has rendered this fascination into numismatic items.

CIT’s Mont-Saint-Michel

CIT has converted the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Mont-Saint-Michel” into numismatic masterpieces: Four coins in three metals pay tribute to the impressive island with a three-dimensional relief on a deeply concave background.

As the King Lay Dying… – The Most Spectacular British Gold Coin of the Modern Era

In Part 4 of its extraordinary British Collection, SINCONA will be presenting several extremely rare patterns, some of which are the best-preserved specimens available on the market. In this article, we tell their story.

TICC: The Best Organised Coin Show in the World

Sometimes it takes a look outside the box to get some inspiration for how the coin show of the future might look like. The TICC in Japan certainly has some fresh ideas to offer. Ursula Kampmann reports on what she experienced in Tokyo.

Gilded silver plate, Iran or Afghanistan, probably Parthian or Early Sasanian, probably 2nd–3rd century. © The Trustees of the British Museum.

“Luxury and Power: Persia to Greece” at the British Museum

Over centuries the Persian empire and the Greeks had many conflicts. But nevertheless they influenced each other in many ways, as coins and works of art document. A major exhibition at the British Museum explores the relationship between luxury and power in this time.

Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio

Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio ⸱ April 2023 Hong Kong Auction ⸱ 26th April 2023 ⸱ Hong Kong

Stack’s Bowers Rarities Night presented 253 lots comprising some of the most important and elusive coins within the realm of Chinese numismatics. A staggering 28 lots realized prices surpassing the six-figure mark.

The “Red Book” and Its Two Fathers

Kenneth Bressett’s memoir “A Penny Saved” celebrates the life of Bressett’s mentor, hobby legend Richard S. Yeo and author of the “Red Book”. Joel J. Orosz explains what numismatics owes both of them.