Starting price: € 5.000,-Augustus. Denar, Spain Rv: Zephyrus above Capricorno116th Auction 15-17 June 2023115
Starting price: € 3.000,-Nero, Roma 65 n.Chr. Rv: ROMA con Victoriola116th Auction 15-17 June 2023128
Starting price: € 15.000,-Byzanz. Alexandros Solidus Constantinopel 912/13 RR116th Auction 15-17 June 2023236
Starting price: € 14.000,-Saxonia. Friedrich August I. 10 Taler 1826 S, Dresden RR116th Auction 15-17 June 2023314
Starting price: € 7.500,-Tuscany Pietro Leopoldo Tallero 1773, Firenze116th Auction 15-17 June 2023769
Starting price: € 10.000,-Popet Clemens XII. Goldmedal 1670. Takeover of Lateran116th Auction 15-17 June 2023779
Starting price: € 3.000,-Romania Republic 500 Lei 2018 Foundation of Romania116th Auction 15-17 June 2023970
Starting price: € 12.000,-Ferdinand III. 2 Ducats 1649 G-H, Wroclaw RR116th Auction 15-17 June 20231088
Starting price: € 8.000,-Leopold I. Ducat 1699 K.V., Cluj-Napoca RR116th Auction 15-17 June 20231130
Starting price: € 35.000,-Maria Theresia 5 Ducats 1754, Vienna Unediert RRR116th Auction 15-17 June 20231160

Articles of the week

From Taler to Mark: The Long Road to a Common Currency

As Germany gradually evolved into a nation-state in the 19th century, the many currencies that circulated in its territories were also unified step by step. Coins from the Duchy of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha in Künker’s auction 388 illustrate the long path from the taler to the mark.

Gustav III: A Conservative Revolutionary

On 20 June 2023, Künker will auction off medals that the Swedish King Gustav III himself gave as a present to the young Peter Frederick Augustus of Oldenburg. These medals are a testament to the policies of the king who was shot dead at a masked ball in 1792.

As the King Lay Dying… – The Most Spectacular British Gold Coin of the Modern Era

In Part 4 of its extraordinary British Collection, SINCONA will be presenting several extremely rare patterns, some of which are the best-preserved specimens available on the market. In this article, we tell their story.