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From Taler to Mark: The Long Road to a Common Currency

As Germany gradually evolved into a nation-state in the 19th century, the many currencies that circulated in its territories were also unified step by step. Coins from the Duchy of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha in Künker’s auction 388 illustrate the long path from the taler to the mark.

Gustav III: A Conservative Revolutionary

On 20 June 2023, Künker will auction off medals that the Swedish King Gustav III himself gave as a present to the young Peter Frederick Augustus of Oldenburg. These medals are a testament to the policies of the king who was shot dead at a masked ball in 1792.

As the King Lay Dying… – The Most Spectacular British Gold Coin of the Modern Era

In Part 4 of its extraordinary British Collection, SINCONA will be presenting several extremely rare patterns, some of which are the best-preserved specimens available on the market. In this article, we tell their story.

20 Franken 1883: Die erste Goldmünze der Schweiz. Aus Auktion Künker eLive 54-2019-855. CoCo CH-1883-0001.

The Vreneli – A Swiss Icon

With its latest commemorative coin, Swissmint honours the last issue of the 10-franc vreneli minted 100 years ago. A prime opportunity to recall the history of this iconic Swiss gold coin.

Schweiz. 1/4 Franken (Gold) 2020, Bern. CoCo CH-2020-0002. Bild: Swissmint.

Swissmint, a Mint of Records

Swiss numismatics is full of surprises, rarities and exciting stories. We have compiled a little overview of national and international records for you.

Bei genauer Betrachtung können Münzen besondere Merkmale aufweisen, die sich entweder gut oder schlecht auf ihren Wert auswirken. Diese zu erkennen und mit den richtigen Begriffen benennen zu können ist wichtig für jeden Münzsammler. 
Achtung, Bronzepest kann ihre Sammlung zerstören! Foto: Shutterstock.

Cleaning, Patina, Verdigris etc.: Which Errors Affect the Price of a Coin? – Part 2

The price of a coin does not only depend on its rarity and quality. In the second part of our overview we will talk about wear and tear, cleaning and the consequences of environmental processes.

Numismatic Issues Concerning Health, Medicine and Women in Times of Covid, Part 3: Personifications of Health and Medicine

Over the course of the Covid pandemic, health care professionals have attracted increased media attention. Gabriele Sturm examined the question of how women in health care professions were depicted on coins in the past, and how they are represented today. The last part of this series deals with personifications of health care and medicine.

Fascinating Change: The 50 State Quarters of the USA – a Milestone

By means of the 50 State Quarters, the US Mint succeeded in rekindling the people’s love of coins and bringing it to the next generation. What was so special about this series? Let’s look back.

The National Identity of Modern Ukraine on its Commemorative Coins

Due to tragic circumstances, all eyes are currently on Ukraine. Today, we’ll be discussing the national identity of the Ukrainian people. Using Ukraine’s commemorative coins, we’ll be looking at how the country sees itself, or rather, how it wants to be seen.

State-of-the-Art Minting Technology

Colours, special shapes, inlays, micro inscriptions, latent images and holograms – many technologies are used on commemorative coins today. In this article, we give you a little overview of the different technologies that are currently applied in the coin producing industry.