Starting price: € 5.000,-Augustus. Denar, Spain Rv: Zephyrus above Capricorno116th Auction 15-17 June 2023115
Starting price: € 3.000,-Nero, Roma 65 n.Chr. Rv: ROMA con Victoriola116th Auction 15-17 June 2023128
Starting price: € 15.000,-Byzanz. Alexandros Solidus Constantinopel 912/13 RR116th Auction 15-17 June 2023236
Starting price: € 14.000,-Saxonia. Friedrich August I. 10 Taler 1826 S, Dresden RR116th Auction 15-17 June 2023314
Starting price: € 7.500,-Tuscany Pietro Leopoldo Tallero 1773, Firenze116th Auction 15-17 June 2023769
Starting price: € 10.000,-Popet Clemens XII. Goldmedal 1670. Takeover of Lateran116th Auction 15-17 June 2023779
Starting price: € 3.000,-Romania Republic 500 Lei 2018 Foundation of Romania116th Auction 15-17 June 2023970
Starting price: € 12.000,-Ferdinand III. 2 Ducats 1649 G-H, Wroclaw RR116th Auction 15-17 June 20231088
Starting price: € 8.000,-Leopold I. Ducat 1699 K.V., Cluj-Napoca RR116th Auction 15-17 June 20231130
Starting price: € 35.000,-Maria Theresia 5 Ducats 1754, Vienna Unediert RRR116th Auction 15-17 June 20231160

Article of the week

From Taler to Mark: The Long Road to a Common Currency

As Germany gradually evolved into a nation-state in the 19th century, the many currencies that circulated in its territories were also unified step by step. Coins from the Duchy of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha in Künker’s auction 388 illustrate the long path from the taler to the mark.


Ursula Kampmann at the International Conference on Islamic Numismatics.

International Conference on Islamic Numismatics

From 18 to 20 May 2023, the ICIN – the International Conference on Islamic Numismatics – took place in Riyadh, Saudi-Arabia. A complete success! Never before have so many specialists on Islamic numismatics gathered in one place. Ursula Kampmann was there.

Is the EU Sleepwalking Into an Art Market Nightmare?

Enforcement of import licensing for cultural goods is just two years away, but many serious questions remain over what will happen. A detailed insight into a complicated matter.

Prof. Aleksander Bursche next to Ursula Kampmann at the INC 2022 in Warsaw, organized by the Polish numismatist. Photo: CoinsWeekly.

Aleksander Bursche Receives GIG Honorary Prize 2023

Aleksander Bursche will receive the 2023 Honorary Prize of the Gesellschaft für Internationale Geldgeschichte (GIG, Association for International History of Money). Not only his numismatic research work was decisive for this.

Raymond Weiller (1938-2022) at a wedding reception in May 1989.

Raymond Weiller (1938-2022)

Only now it became known that Raymond Weiller, the former head of the coin cabinet of the Luxembourg National Museum, passed away in April 2022. Jean Krier remembers the distinguished Luxembourg numismatist.

This Panticapaeum stater was minted in the 4th century on the Crimea and was sold by auction house NAC in May 2023 for 5,390,000 CHF. Image courtesy of Numismatica Ars Classica.

Panticapaeum Stater Most Expensive Ancient Coin

A gold stater from the city of Panticapaeum is currently the most expensive ancient coin ever sold at auction. In May 2023, it was sold by Numismatica Ars Classica in Switzerland for the record sum of 5,390,000 CHF or ca. $6 million.

“Rich Man, Poor Man: Art, Class, and Commerce in a Late Medieval Town”. Photo by Bruce Schwarz Courtesy of The Met.

Rich and Poor in Early Tudor England

The Met Cloisters takes you into a merchant’s house in 16th-century England. Why did a rich man exhibit images of the poor? Intriguing objects tell us about tastes and self-expression. And you can expect coins to be there too!