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The Myra Necropolis in Lycia. Photo: JN 10.5.2016. In front: Dynastic issues. Kuprilli. Stater, 470-440, Aperlai / Apollonia or Zagaba. From Künker auction 402 (14/15 March 2024), No. 66.

The History and Coinage of Lycia

With its clear blue water, picturesque beaches and a fascinating landscape, Lycia has won over the hearts of many people. On the occasion of Künker’s sale of the Sayar Collection, Johannes Nollé explores the history of this region on Turkey’s southern coast.


There is always something going on at the Sack & Kisselbach booth during the World Money Fair. Image: Sack & Kiesselbach.

Sack & Kiesselbach at the World Money Fair

What does it mean for a technical supplier of the minting industry to set up a booth at the World Money Fair? Markus Schlein, CEO of Sack & Kiesselbach, explains how he prepares for the event and how he experiences the WMF.

Imperial Impressions. Exhibition view. © KHM-Museumsverband.

Imperial Impressions – New Exhibition at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna

A new temporary exhibition at the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna is exploring medals as a form of art and a tool of courtly representation for the House of Habsburg. The focus is also on the court medalists.

Bring your collection to life with Coiniverse. Image: Coiniverse.

Coiniverse Launches AI Assistant for Coin Collectors

The coin collecting app Coiniverse announced the launch of Coin AI, a cutting-edge generative AI assistant designed to enrich the coin collecting experience. Find out what it can do.

Trsat Dragon: A Field Marshal, His Tomb and a Legend

Visitors to the beautiful city of Rijeka are familiar with the two basilisks that stand guard on the Trsat hill in front of Count Laval Nugent of Westmeath’s mausoleum. The Croatian Mint dedicates a gold and a silver commemorative coin to these mythical creatures.

Dennis Tucker earned numerous recognitions including the ANA’s Glenn B. Smedley Memorial Award.

Dennis Tucker Retiring as Publisher at Whitman

Following a nineteen-year career at Whitman Publishing, Dennis Tucker will retire at the end of February 2024. During his time as publisher, he has overseen the publication of more than 300 titles.

Die ersten Besucher strömen aufs Gelände. Foto: World Money Fair.

World Money Fair 2024: Thousands of Numismatics Enthusiasts at the World’s Largest Coin Fair

Once a year, the vast and diverse coin world comes together for a kind of oversized family reunion: the World Money Fair. Due to the new organization, many things were different, but others felt comfortably familiar. We were also present in Berlin again, this time even with our own booth.