Austria’s Black Hole 20-euro silver-coin.

And the Champion of the 40th COTY Is…

At the ANA in Pittsburgh, an Austrian coin has earned top honors in the 40th Coin of the Year (COTY) Awards. See all the winners here.

The IADAA-logo.

Happy Birthday! The IADAA Turns 30

The International Association of Dealers in Ancient Art (IADAA) celebrates its 30th anniversary. James Ede, one of the founding fathers, remembers his personal experiences in the association and the antiquities trade.

Classical Numismatic Group

Classical Numismatic Group ⸱ Classical Numismatic Review Summer 2023
⸱ 24 August 2023 ⸱ Online

CNG’s Summer 2023 edition of their Classical Numismatic Review presents a choice of 213 quality ancient, world, and British coins. It also features an article on coins during the Second Punic War.

The Bank Negara Malaysia, venue of the ICOMON Annual Conference 2023. Image: Wee Hong via Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0.

ICOMON Annual Conference 2023: Call for Papers

The 2023 ICOMON annual conference will be held in November in Malaysia. Speakers are now invited to send their abstracts on the theme: Reinforcing Museum’s sustainable competitiveness in the peak of digitization & social/global challenges.

Classical Numismatic Group

Classical Numismatic Group ⸱ Electronic Auction 545 ⸱ 30 August 2023 ⸱ Online

CNG’s Electronic Auction 545 includes 959 lots. The sale features many Greek and Roman Provincial bronzes and a fine selection of U.S. currency.

The new Bookophile website has an updated look and comes with numerous new features that allow users to filter our articles for what they need.

Bookophile in New Splendour – the Redesigned Website for Book Lovers

Bookophile, the Zurich MoneyMuseum’s website for book enthusiasts, has been relaunched and spruced up with a fresh look and new features. One thing, however, stays the same: it is all about the love of old books. A major emphasis – how could it be otherwise for a MoneyMuseum – is on the subject of money and society.

Ra 3,000 years ago and now – a picture of Ra and Amon in the tomb of Ramses IV. Image: Riccardov via Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 2.5.

Pobjoy Mint Features Egyptian God Ra

The Egyptologist Thomas Young made significant contributions to the decipherment of Egyptian hieroglyphics. On the occasion of his 250th birthday, Pobjoy’s releases its 2023 Egyptian Gods Series. The third coin in the series features the God Ra.

Horace Vernet, Barrikadenkampf in der Rue Soufflot, Paris, 25. Juni 1848 (Juniaufstand).

French History in Coins – Part 2: From the Second Republic to the Second Empire

In the 19th century, people in France suffered from hunger and poverty. There were uprisings and a revolution. But the first president of the new republic was a nephew of Napoleon and completely took after the old emperor.