Künker ⸱ Auction 402 ⸱ 14-15 March 2024 ⸱ Osnabrück

One of the finest collections of Greek coins from Asia Minor will be auctioned off by Künker. On sale is the first part of the Dr. Kaya Sayar Collection, including more than 500 lots with coins from Lycia, Pamphylia and Cilicia. This highlight is the prelude to the general auction of coins from the ancient world.

Atlas Numismatics

Atlas Numismatics ⸱ February 2024 Fixed Price List ⸱ 22 February 2024 ⸱ Online

Atlas Numismatics has updated their inventory with 837 new high-quality coins, medals and tokens at fixed prices. Find some of the highlights here.

The Myra Necropolis in Lycia. Photo: JN 10.5.2016. In front: Dynastic issues. Kuprilli. Stater, 470-440, Aperlai / Apollonia or Zagaba. From Künker auction 402 (14/15 March 2024), No. 66.

The History and Coinage of Lycia

With its clear blue water, picturesque beaches and a fascinating landscape, Lycia has won over the hearts of many people. On the occasion of Künker’s sale of the Sayar Collection, Johannes Nollé explores the history of this region on Turkey’s southern coast.

Die Unterwasserarchäologen bei der Arbeit. Foto: Ufficio Stampa e Communicazione MiC

Archaeologists in Awe at the Sight of Sardinia’s Folles Hoard

Italian archaeologists are calling it one of the most important finds in recent years: up to 50,000 bronze coins dating from the 4th century have been discovered off the Sardinian coast. Apart from the outstanding size of this hoard, the coins’ condition is also astonishing.

In addition to high-caliber exhibits, this rat is also part of the show. The character from Horrible Histories guided young visitors through the exhibition. Horrible Histories® is a registered trademark. Written by Terry Deary. Illustrations © Martin Brown.

Life in the Roman Army: An Exhibition of the British Museum

The British Museum presents a look at one of the most famous fighting forces of all time: the Roman army. Spectacular artifacts from around the globe will be on display in London for the first time. A prominent partner has been brought on board for young visitors.

Ursula Kampmann: Die Briefe des Herrn von Schellenberg an Johann Jakob Rüeger. Ein entlarvendes Selbstzeugnis vom Niedergang eines gebildeten Reichsritters und Münzsammlers. Bd. I: Die Briefe. (Nomismata, 13.1), Habelt Verlag 2023. 576 S., 29 cm. ISBN 978-3-7749-4378-0. Preis: 89 €.

Collecting Coins Around 1600

In January 2024, the first volume of Ursula Kampmann’s three-part work on the letters of Hans von Schellenberg was published. The author presents one of the most insightful sources on collecting coins in the early modern period in its historical context.

Dr. Ute Wartenberg Kagan and Dr. Gilles Bransbourg. Photo: ANS.

Change Of Leadership at the American Numismatic Society

Gilles Bransbourg will be stepping down from his position as ANS Executive Director in September 2024. Dr. Ute Wartenberg Kagan, currently President of the ANS, will return to this position, which she previously held from 1999 through 2019.

CIT’s new Smartminting® 4.0: Iron Knight

With Iron Knight, CIT has taken the ultra-high relief to the next level: thanks to smartminting® 4.0, an unprecedented relief of 9 mm can now be achieved. This is 50% more than what was possible with the prior version of smartminting®.

CIT: The Last Issue in the Real Heroes Series – Astronaut

With the last issue of the Real Heroes series, CIT pays tribute to the courage of astronauts. The focus is on an iconic scene that was implemented with technical perfection as a reflection in the visor of a spacesuit.


Künker ⸱ Auktion 400 ⸱ 1 February 2024 ⸱ Berlin

With its 2024 Berlin Auction, Künker from Osnabrück celebrated its 400th auction sale. 770 lots with a total estimate of more than 7m euros were offered. The total hammer price amounted to 10.9m euros. Find the three most expensive pieces in this review.