Heidelberger Münzhandlung

Heidelberger Münzhandlung ⸱ Auction 88 ⸱ 13.-15. May 2024 ⸱ Heidelberg

The May auction of Heidelberger Münzhandlung features countless rarities. Particularly remarkable is an extensive collection with Brunswick issues from the Middle Ages to the 19th century, as well as a large collection with coins of the German Empire and some Chinese rarities.

Numismatisches Antiquariat Lang

Numismatisches Antiquariat Lang ⸱ Literature Auction 2 ⸱ 28. April 2024 ⸱ Germering

Bibliophile works, rare original editions and useful standard works: Auction 2 of the Numismatische Antiquariat Lang is offering 1472 lots of numismatic literature.

The Turks, the Bohemian Estates and Two Gnadenpfennigs by Ferdinand I

SINCONA’s spring auction will be held from 13 to 15 May 2024. Among other highlights, two extremely rare gold gnadenpfennigs by Ferdinand I are on offer. The multiple coins with a weight of 10 and 15 gold gulden are among the great treasures of Habsburg numismatics. We share their story.

Foreign Coin Production Ends at the Royal Mint – The End of an Era or Another Step Closer to a Cashless Economy?

The Royal Mint has announced that it will no longer produce coins for other countries, ending a business model that it has operated for 700 years. Michael Alexander puts this development into perspective.

Archaeological State Collection Munich: The room “Stories”. Credit: Daniel Stauch.

Archaeological State Collection in Munich Reopened

After eight years of renovation, the Bavarian State Archaeological Collection shines in new splendor. Since April 17, 2024, the doors are once again open to visitors from all over the world. The new exhibition rooms were planned and designed by Atelier Brückner.

Railway to the gate of Auschwitz.

New Coin From Slovakia: 80th Anniversary of the Vrba-Wetzler Report

In the summer of 1944, the world became aware of the Holocaust thanks to two young Slovaks: Rudolf Vrba and Alfréd Wetzler. The National Bank of Slovakia honors them with €10 collector coin, produced by the Kremnica Mint. The coin represents many things – bravery, moral courage, responsibility and the power of public opinion.

Hintergrund: Softcodex via Pixarbay, Helvetia: CoinInvest GmbH via Wikicommons – CC BY-SA 4.0.

Gold Coins With Altered Years: Also a Known Problem in Switzerland

In one of our last issues, we published an article by NGC about a Prussian gold coin with an altered year. Switzerland is also very familiar with such forgeries, as Patrick Huber tells us.

Delighted congress participants. Photo: Johannes Nollé.

A Numismatic Congress That Will Be Remembered

The 3rd International Congress on the History of Money and Numismatics of the Research Center for Mediterranean Cultures (AKMED) took place in Antalya at the beginning of April. Prof. Johannes Nollé reports on why he believes this congress will remain unforgettable for all participants.

Emporium Hamburg

Emporium Hamburg ⸱ Auction 106 ⸱ May 13-16, 2024 ⸱ Online

Following Emporium’s Auction 105 “Banknotes & Emergency Money”, coins and medals will once again take center stage in May: as usual, the catalog of the spring auction 106 includes a broad selection from antiquity to foreign countries to the German lands.


Künker ⸱ Auction 403-406 ⸱ 18-22 March 2024 ⸱ Osnabrück

Special collections from the Vatican, the Holy Roman Empire, Mainz, Regensburg and Löwenstein-Wertheim – these were just some of the highlights featuring in Künker’s Spring Auction Sales. We present the main attractions: the most expensive coins of Künker’s auctions 403-406.