Starting price: 15000 EURKINGDOM OF BACTRIA. Euthydemos I,
ca. 225 - 200 B.C. Stater ø 19mm (8.25g). ca. 225 B.C.
RR, Bordeaux records only 11 specimens for the
eries A staters! Gold. Rs. light double strike, mint.
Auction 297 and 298Lot 152
Starting price: 15000 EURKINGDOM OF BACTRIA. Agathocles Dikaios,
ca. 185 - 178 B.C. Tetradrachm ø 32mm (16.19g).
RR, Glenn lists only 10 examples for this type!
Very nice to excellent.
Auction 297 and 298Lot 199
Starting price: 10000 EURKINGDOM OF BACTRIA. Antialkidas Nikephoros,
ca. 120 - 100 B.C. Tetradrachm in Attic weight standard
ø 33mm (16.47g). RR, the third known specimen!
Beautiful toning, Rs. traces of corrosion, very fine to excellent.
Auction 297 and 298Lot 329
Starting price: 10000 EURKINGDOM OF BACTRIA. Straton I Epiphanes Dikaios Soter,
ca. 110 - 95 B.C. Tetradrachm in Indian weight standard
ø 29mm (9.76g). RR. Excellent to mint.
Auction 297 and 298Lot 378
Starting price: 15000 EURAKRAGAS. Tetradrachm ø 26mm (16.66g).
ca. 409 - 406 B.C. RR! With signature of die cutter Straton.
Light toning, fine cleaning scratches, excellent.
Auction 297 and 298Lot 1036
Starting price: 15000 EURSELEUKIDES. Seleucus I Nicator,
312 - 281 BC Tetradrachm ø 25mm (17.14g).
Circa 305/4 - 295 B.C.
Excellent to mint.
Auction 297 and 298Lot 1318
Starting price: 15000 EURROMAN IMPERIAL PERIOD. Domitian as Caesar,
69 - 81 A.D. Aureus ø 19mm (7.28g). 77 - 78 AD R!
Gold. Excellent.
Auction 297 and 298Lot 1490
Electors and Albertines. Johann Georg II, 1656 - 1680.
5 ducats 1657, Dresden. Of the utmost rarity. Gold.
Gorgeous gold toning, minimal minting weakness, excellent.
Auction 297 and 298Lot 2266
Starting price: 20000 EURJohann Christian and Georg Rudolf, 1602 - 1621.
3 ducats 1610 CT, Reichenstein. Mint administrator
Christoph Tuchmann. RR. Splendid specimen. Gold. Fine
gold toning, tiny scratches, near mint.
Auction 297 and 298Lot 2305
Starting price: 65000 EURAt the time of Sigismund III, 1587 - 1632.
2/3 imperial florins o.y. (probably 1613 - 1632,
probably 1618. Of the utmost rarity!
Irregular toning, very nice.
Auction 297 and 298Lot 2648

Sikh Empire Coins in Steve Album’s Internet Auction 21

Stephen Album Rare Coins

Internet Auction 21


10-11 July 2023


Stephen Album Rare Coins will hold its Internet Auction 21 on July 10-11, 2023. The auction is made up of exactly 2200 lots of Ancient, Islamic, Indian, Chinese, and World Coins. The sale includes additional items from collections that were consigned to the firm’s May 2023 Auction 46. Notable sections of interest include The Butalia Collection of Sikh Empire Coins (Part 2), some single lots and group lots of Ottoman countermarked coins from the Hans Wilski Collection, as well as a varied assortment of medieval Islamic gold coins. One additional internet auction will take place in August before the firm offers up its next premier auction in September. Some highlights from the July sale follow:

Lot 629.

Lot 629.

  • Lot 629: Ottoman Empire: Mehmet III, 1595-1603, AV sultani (3.43g), Dimashq, AH1003, A-1340.1, NP- 319, good strike, VF, ex. Ken Bovenkamp. Estimated $350 to $450.
  • Lot 881: Golden Horde: Toda Mangu, 1280-1287, AR dirham (1.68g), Qrim, AH683, A-2021.1, tamgha in central circle, a wonderful mint state example! NGC graded MS64. Estimated $300 to $400.
Lot 1680.

Lot 1680.

  • Lot 1680: Japan: Bunkyu, 1861-1864, lead 100 mon (154.98g), Hosokura mine, Mutsu province, H-6.8, JNDA-Bakumatsu-17, hosokura to hyaku, official’s signature on reverse, cast in the 4th year Bunkyu era (1864), a superb quality example, EF. Made by the Sendai clan at the Hosokura mine in Mutsu province. It is said that because it was so heavy and inconvenient to carry, a smaller 10 mon piece was made, but this has not been recorded. Estimated $400 to $600.
Lot 1773.

Lot 1773.

  • Lot 1773: Crusaders of Tripoli: al-Mustansir, 1036-1094, AV dinar (3.31g), NM, ND, A-720A, Ma-7, Latin B above obverse, T above reverse, without cross, flan crack, EF, RR. Estimated $400 to $500.
  • Lot 1864: Scotland: James V, 1513-1542, AR groat (2.59g), ND (1526-39), Spink-5379, crowned bust right with +IACOBVS 5 DEI GRA SCOTORV around, head with pointed nose // pointed shield over cross fourchée with :OPPI – DV (trefoil) E – DINB – VRGI around, a bit wavy with weak legend at 12:00, VF. Estimated $275 to $375.
Lot 1874.

Lot 1874.

  • Lot 1874: GREAT BRITAIN: Edward VII, 1901-1910, AR medal, Barac-151, 37mm silver Tibet Expedition medal by G.W. de Saulles and E.G. Gillick, uniformed bust left with EDWARDVS VII – KAISAR-I- HIND around // fortress of Potala Lhassa with TIBET 1903-4 below, with ornate hanger, with GYANTSE campaign bar, “7344 Naick Madho Singh Private 1st Bengal Garhwal Rifles” engraved in cursive script on edge, EF. Estimated $400 to $500.

The firm’s COO and director of auctions Mike Barry notes: “Bidders can expect to find a wide variety of offerings in this sale. Clients often tell us that they are excited to browse our new auctions when they come online as they are never quite sure what diverse items we might have in store. We are happy that our reputation as a specialized auction house keeps consignments of interesting material coming our way that you just won’t find in other venues.”