The Design of the Circulation Euro Coins: Austria – 1 Cent – Mozart

Mozart is a brand, just like Coca Cola, Mercedes or Apple. With his name, everything can easily be sold: the Getreidegasse (Grain Lane) in Salzburg, the real Mozartkugeln (Mozart ball) and the country of Austria that depicts on his coins a composer who, strictly speaking isn’t of Austrian descent.

Bullion coins part 7: The ducat

Ducats were officially disestablished in Austria in 1858. However you can still buy 1 ducats and 4 ducats for investment purposes at the Austrian Mint, which all bear the date 1915. And in a few minutes you will know why.

The Year of the Freigeld in Wörgl

Who knows Wörgl nowadays? Yet for a short period of time the entire world looked at this small town. In 1932/3, one of the most successful …

The History of Austria as Reflected in its Paper Money

The history of Austria’s paper money is characterized by ups and downs. The banknotes tell of times of crises, revolutions, and the end of the monarchy. And, of course, of counterfeiters who took advantage of the multinational state’s weaknesses.

The house of Hohenems and his bishops

The masters of Hohenems owed their rise to become the most important noble family in Vorarlberg to their loyalty to the House of Habsburg. Two family members …

The House of Hohenems and its bishops

2. Wolf Dietrich of Raitenau
In 1558, Helena, the sister of Cardinal and Bishop of Constance Marcus Sitticus of Hohenems, married Hans Werner III of Raitenau. On March 26th, 1559, at the Hofen Castle near Bregenz, she presented …

The minters’ pilgrimage

How the mint workers in Vienna were saved from the plague epidemic of 1679…

What is left of the man who invented the taler

The city of Hall is always worth a visit, not only because of its interesting museum on minting technology in the mint tower. Near the parish church, too, a numismatic treasure can be found…

Between Prussia and Austria – The Vienna Coinage Contract

Künker offers a comprehensive selection of coins of Emperor Franz Joseph on September 28, 2011 in sale 195. This is a splendid opportunity to recall the impact of the Vienna Coinage Contract of 1857 on the Austrian currency…

A Grand Representational Coinage for a Not Quite Definite Event

There are spectacular coins featuring the portrait of Ferdinand III all dated to 1629. Presumably they have been struck in Prague and were never thought to circulate. One of these coins will be for sale in the upcoming Sincona sale. Lutz Neumann is presenting it.