Learn more about the various aspects of money at the St. Louis Fed Economy Museum. Photo: Federal Reserve Bank St. Louis.

The Economy Museum St. Louis Fed

Learn about the economy and currency in a fun and interactive way. Compete to make the most money in a simulated trading pit game. The Economy Museum at the St. Louis Fed offers over 100 games, exhibits, currency displays and videos. Read what expect you there.

Haim Gitler, Catharine Lorber & Jean-Philippe Fontanille, The Yehud Coinage. A Study and Die Classification of the Provincial Silver Coinage of Judah. Numismatic Studies and Researches Volume XII. Israel Numismatic Society, Jerusalem 2023. XII, 532 pages, illustrations. Hardcover. ISBN: 139789655982299. $150.

Die Study of the Yehud Coinage

The Israel Numismatic Society published a book on provincial silver coinage of Judah in the late Persian, Macedonian, and early Hellenistic periods. Haim Gitler, Catharine Lorber and Jean-Philippe Fontanille presented their die study recently in Jerusalem.

The IAPN Book Prize 2023

Every year, the International Association of Professional Numismatists rewards a numismatic work published the previous year with their IAPN Book Prize. The winner of 2023 comes from India.

Foto: Hintergrund: Martina Blersch - CC BY-SA 4.0, Münze: South African Mint.

A Perfect Hunter: The Leopard on African Coins

Few people are lucky enough to see a leopard in the wild. On coins, however, the nimble and silent hunters can be encountered more frequently. With Dirk Wasserthal of RareCoin, we take you on a numismatic safari and present five rare African gold coins that have the potential to appreciate.

The obverse of the “Most excellent work” in ICDC 2022: “Good morning, Ukraine” by Nataliia Fandikova (Ukraine).

These Are The Winners of the International Coin Design Competition 2022

Japan Mint annually awards the best works received for the International Coin Design Competition. This year the war against Ukraine is topic of the most excellent work.

CIT’s Iron Maiden – Piece of Mind

Again CIT pays tribute to the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden. In 2023, CIT’s coin is dedicated to the band’s fourth studio album “Piece of Mind”.

Der Schießsport ist auch heutzutage in der Schweiz sehr beliebt. Foto: Andy Moser via Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0.

Swissmint Celebrates 200 Years “Swiss Shooting Sports Federation”

In June, Swissmint has issued a new collector coin, “Swiss Shooting Sports Federation”. This is the start of the numismatic celebration that mark the 200th anniversary of the organization which will go on until 2024.

Können Sie sich vorstellen, wie eine ganze Million Münzen aussieht? Foto: vetkit via Shutterstock.)

What to Do With a Million Pennies?

Imagine you are cleaning out the house of a late relative and find 1 million cent coins in the process. What would you do with them? This is what happened to a California family. Why had this huge amount of coins been amassed? And what could they be worth?

Archaeological Museum of Tegea, exhibition view. Image: Savvas Avramidis (KIKPE Numismatic Collection, Athens).

A Numismatic Itinerary Through the Peloponnese

The Archaeological Museum of Tegea in Greece shows in a temporary exhibition how places in the Peloponnese were presented on ancient coins.

Fr. Henniker, Notes during a visit to Egypt, Nubia, the Oasis Boeris, Mount Sinai, and Jerusalem. 2nd Edition, London, 1824, X+352 S.

Sir Frederick Henniker: Notes during a visit to Egypt…

200 years ago, Sir Frederick Henniker embarked on his Grand Tour to the Middle East. His travelogue gives a vivid insight into the beginnings of cultural tourism and the antiquities trade. A specimen is currently being offered by Münzen & Medaillen GmbH.