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The Myra Necropolis in Lycia. Photo: JN 10.5.2016. In front: Dynastic issues. Kuprilli. Stater, 470-440, Aperlai / Apollonia or Zagaba. From Künker auction 402 (14/15 March 2024), No. 66.

The History and Coinage of Lycia

With its clear blue water, picturesque beaches and a fascinating landscape, Lycia has won over the hearts of many people. On the occasion of Künker’s sale of the Sayar Collection, Johannes Nollé explores the history of this region on Turkey’s southern coast.


The Brasher Doubloon, graded by NGC. Photo: CCG.

The Certified Collectibles Group: More than Coins and Comic Books

In 2021, the Certified Collectibles Group surprised the numismatic community by announcing that the Blackstone investment firm would become a majority shareholder. This raised the question of what this might mean for the coin market. Ursula Kampmann was in Sarasota to visit the new Certified Collectibles Group.

The exhibition “The Other Side of the Coin” will be on view until July 23, 2023.

50 Years of Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection: “The Other Side of the Coin”

50 years ago the Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection was created. Now, an anniversary exhibition in Athens presents 150 coins from the collection illustrating “The Other Side of the Coin”: coins as means of communication and objects of art.

ANA’s Summer Seminar Program 2023

In June 2023, the ANA’s Summer Seminar will offer 33 classes on many numismatic topics that can be of interest to collectors. You can still register, read on!

Visit the new National Coin & Bullion Association website.

NCBA Launches New Website

The National Coin & Bullion Association has officially launched their new website. The site offers many new improvements and enhanced features.

Moderne Gedenkmünzen können als Sammelgebiet viel Freunde bereiten. Aber eine nachhaltige Wertanlage sind sie nicht.

The Difference Between Stamps and Coins: Not as Trivial as You’d Think!

There are times when uninformed people buy anything as long as the object in question might retain its value. Disillusionment strikes when the market situation changes. The realisation that there isn’t a market for every collectible ruined many a collecting field in the past. Ursula Kampmann urges caution.

Four Special collector coins were released from the Royal Canadian Mint in celebration of His Majesty’s Coronation.

How Canada’s Coins Celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III

The Royal Canadian Mint released collector coins in celebration of King Charles’ Coronation. The coins feature the new Royal Cypher but not yet the King’s portrait. Find here more information about when to expect his portrait.