Starting price: 80'000 EURMYSIE
Statère d'or, Lampsaque, vers 350 av. J.-C, AU 8.40 g.
Ex Vente NAC Zurich, Auktion 1, 30-03-1989, 
Conservation : NGC AU 5/5 4/5 Fine Style
Auction October 202312
Starting price: 60'000 EURRHODES
. Tétradrachme environ 404-385 avant J.-C.,
AG 17.06 g
, Conservation : NGC AU★ 5/5 5/5 Fine Style
Auction October 202313
Starting price: 90'000 EURBosphore Cimmerien
 Statère, Chersonèse, Panticapée,
vers 340-325 av.
J.-C. , AU 9.06 g.
 Ex Vente NGSA 8,
Novembre 2014, lot 32

Conservation : NGC Choice XF★ 5/5 4/5 Fine Style
Auction October 202318
Starting price: 70'000 EURBOURBONS. 
Louis XIII 1610-1643
40 livres dit 4 Louis d'or,
1640 A, AU 26.80 g.
 Conservation : NGC XF 45. Rarissime
Auction October 2023233
Starting price: 200’000 EURLouis-Philippe Ier 1830-1848

Paris, 1834 A, AU 43.26 g.
 Ex Vente Sotheby's, 1954,
Collection du Roi Farouk,

Conservation : PCGS SP 66 (PROOF ULTRA CAMEO).
Auction October 2023330
Starting price: 70'000 EURGRECE
. George I 1863-1913 
100 Drachmes, Paris, 1876 A,
AU 32.25 g. Conservation : NGC AU 58.
76 exemplaires frappés. Rarissime.
Auction October 2023451
Starting price: 100’000 EURPARMA
. Odardo Farnese 1622-1646
 6 Doppie,
ND, AU 39,21 g.
 NGC AU 58. Superbe. Rarissime
Auction October 2023540
Starting price: 180'000 EURVittorio Amedeo I 1630-1637 
10 Scudi d'oro, II Tipo, Torino,
1633, AU 33.13 g. 
Cud 92a var.

Conservation : NGC AU 53. Superbe. Rarissime
Auction October 2023623
Starting price: 100'000 EURNicolas II 1894-1917
 25 Roubles - 2 1/2 Imperials,
Saint-Péters- bourg, 1908, AU 32.24 g.

Conservation : Traces de nettoyage sinon Superbe.
Extrêmement rare, officiellement seulement 175 pièces frappées.
Auction October 2023765
Starting price: 110'000 EUR10 Ducats, non daté tranche lisse, Berne, AU 34.57 g.

Conservation : NGC MS 61. Superbe. Rarissime
Auction October 2023781

Swissmint Celebrates 200 Years “Swiss Shooting Sports Federation”

Swissmint produces exclusive and limited-edition collector coins under the name Swiss special coins. The latest Swiss Shooting Sports Federation special coin is the first of the two-part series in honour of the organisation.


Shooting sport is still very popular in Switzerland. Image: Andy Moser via Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0.

Shooting sport is still very popular in Switzerland. Image: Andy Moser via Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0.

With it, Swissmint pays homage to the Swiss Shooting Sports Federation, which will celebrate its 200th anniversary from 16 to 18 August 2024: The Swiss Shooting Sports Federation is one of the oldest sports federations in Switzerland. It was founded at the first federal shooting festival in Aarau in 1824, under the name “Swiss Shooting Association”. Today, it has around 130,000 members, making it the fifth largest sports federation in Switzerland.

Special Coins Honor Projects, Associations and Personalities

The 20g Swiss Shooting Sports Federation special coin, alloyed with 999.9 silver, shows an artist’s interpretation of an eye and a target on the obverse. “Shooting sports require the highest precision and concentration, and the eye plays an important role in this. Our design is right on target,” jokes Jan Niklas Betz, Deputy General Manager & Head of Marketing/Sales at Swissmint. For the reverse side, elements were taken from the predecessor of what would later become the shooting taler – which did not have any nominal value at the time – that was produced to celebrate the Chur shooting festival in 1842. In addition, the nominal value of CHF 20 is depicted. 15,000 uncirculated coins and 5,250 coins in proof quality will be issued.

Switzerland / 20 Swiss Francs / silver 0.9999 / 20 g / 33 mm / Mintage: 15,000 (Uncirculiert), 5,250 (Proof).

Switzerland / 20 Swiss Francs / silver 0.9999 / 20 g / 33 mm / Mintage: 15,000 (Uncirculiert), 5,250 (Proof).

The anniversary “200 years of the Swiss Shooting Sports Federation” gold coin, to be issued in 2024, will complete the two-part series. “Special coins to mark the 200th anniversary of the Swiss Shooting Sports Federation are a very nice idea. We also loved the idea of minting two coins, a silver coin and a gold coin, to mark this great anniversary. The fact that the silver coin is being released in the year before the event is intended, among other things, to draw the attention of the Swiss population to the Federation’s upcoming anniversary,” says Jürg Richter, book author, qualified numismatist and head of Sincona AG.

Each Special Coin Is a Miniature Work of Art

The Federal Mint Swissmint produces Swiss franc coins on behalf of the Swiss Confederation. These have been created in the heart of Switzerland since 1855, and in the popular Kirchenfeld district of Bern since 1906. Since 1936 Swissmint has also minted special coins to commemorate important historical and cultural events and to honour prominent figures. Each of these special coins is a miniature work of art in a unique tradition of artistry and craftsmanship.