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Swissmint – Federal Mint in the Kirchenfeld / Bern

The Swiss Mint was founded more than 100 years ago. Read here how a mint looked like in those days…

The Laurion silver

But one day, one noon, I believed I had found it. I was at Sounion all by myself; the summerly sun was burning; the wounded pines dripped resin…

The Mint of the United States of America in Philadelphia

In contrast to many other mints which seldom allow a visit to their production site, the Philadelphia Mint offered their visitors a comprehensive program including official guided tours and souvenirs as early as the end of the 19th century…

The mints of San Francisco Part 1: The Old Mint

Join us on our trip to the “Old Mint” of San Francisco. Old and new photos give an insight into the minting as it was done in The Granite Lady.

This is how coins with polymer ring are made: a visit to the Karlsruhe Mint

On April 14, 2016, the 5 euro coins “Planet Earth” will be released. The number of orders exceeds the mintage. For all those who came away empty-handed we have a view inside the Karlsruhe Mint where a portion of the mintage was produced.

The Mints of San Francisco: Part 2 The New Mint

Gaining access to the San Francisco Mint is not that easy. And it is outright prohibited to take photographs, strictly speaking. We can still provide you with interesting insights: old and new photographs of one of the world’s biggest mints.