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Human faces, part 39: The price of power

Possessing colonies with vast resources of silver, Spanish king Philip II could have helped his kingdom to enormous economic prosperity. But even the largest treasure of silver could not realise Philip’s power-hungry fantasy of proselytizing half of Europe.

Human faces, part 40: The pirate queen

“The Virgin Queen” is certainly the most well-known epithet of Elizabeth I. We thought, however, that “Queen of the Pirates” would be equally befitting as English privateers belong to Elizabeth’s story just as much as her virginity.

Expeditions into the realm of numismatics Part 2: Hercules in the backyard and a Paduan Hercules medal

In our series “Expeditions into the realm of numismatics”, we are taking you along on an expedition to the treasures of the Basel Coin Cabinet. In the second part, the mystery of a Hercules medal with a particularly high relief often attributed to the Paduan medallist Giovanni da Calvino will be solved.