The Jews, enemies of Christianity?

With the Professor Helmut Hahn collection, Künker will offer an exquisite collection of bracteates in his Berlin Auction on February 1, 2018. These high-medieval pfennigs are first-class works of art and provide an insight into the thought of the time, for instance, how the Christian majority saw their Jewish fellow citizens.

Joachim II and his Jewish court factor

On February 1, 2017 the auction house Künker offers the top items from the Gunther Hahn Collection “Brandenburg-Preussen” as part of its Berlin Auction. They include some extremely rare coins of Joachim II who relied on Lipman ben Juda to conduct his financial transactions.

Medieval Sicily Part 1: The Byzantines

Since ancient times, Sicily has been a cultural melting pot, a junction of Africa and Europe, of West and East. The Byzantines even temporarily moved their capital there.

Nine months and 13 days: the reign of Galba

In its Auction 333 to be held on November 30, 2017, the long-standing auction house Hess-Divo offers a particularly remarkable special collection, the Galba Collection. It is dedicated to the Roman Emperor Galba, as the first emperor who no longer stemmed from the Julio-Claudian dynasty. We tell his story through some of the rarities stemming from this collection.

20 Years of Portable Antiquities Scheme

When it comes to describing a successful collaboration of archaeologists, numismatists, detectorists, coin collectors, and coin dealers, the British Museum’s Portable Antiquities Scheme is sure to be mentioned. We will tell you exactly what it is, on what legal grounds it is based, and the successes this program has achieved.

The hunting prince

Why do so many Baroque coins and medals refer to hunting? This question comes to mind due to the Hirsch Nachf. sale 333 on September 21, 2017, in which the collection of a hunter (and collector) will be auctioned off. It contains a large variety of Baroque hunting scenes.

Reformation jubilees – a journey through the centuries

Künker will auction a major collection of coins and medals related to the Reformation on September 27, 2017. Using this material, this article shows the extent to which politics of the past centuries used Luther and the Reformation jubilee for their own purposes.

Brandenburg and 200 years of Confessio Augustana

The scene Andreas Vestner has recorded on a silver medal produced by order of Karl Wilhelm Friedrich of Brandenburg-Ansbach is impressive to see: The Chancellor of Saxony is reading out the Augsburg Confession. But why did the ‘Wild Margrave’ of all people commission this medal?

A new type for an antoninianus of Postumus

In Jacquier sale 43, to be held on September 15, 2017, a hitherto unknown and unique antoninianus of Postumus will be offered. Both its date and its historical context can be pinpointed due to its special bust.

The Reformation jubilee in Quedlinburg Abbey

On 29 June 2017, a very rare commemorative coin of the abbess of Quedlinburg will be put to auction at Künker sale 294. It is dedicated to the Reformation jubilee of 1617, but the question arises, where people got the idea to celebrate the jubilee in the first place.