Berlin and South Africa – an Ancient Connection

In 1892 a joke did the rounds in South Africa. Finally the newly minted coins had been put into circulation. They depicted the …

Bullion coins part 7: The ducat

Ducats were officially disestablished in Austria in 1858. However you can still buy 1 ducats and 4 ducats for investment purposes at the Austrian Mint, which all bear the date 1915. And in a few minutes you will know why.

Bullion coins part 1: The Krugerrand

Gold has always been an alternative for investors. And since 1967, one can not only invest in bullion, but also in bullion coins. The South Africans ought to feel like the inventors of the gold bullion coin. They have been minting the Krugerrand since 1967.

The Design of the Circulation Euro Coins: Austria – 1 Cent – Mozart

Mozart is a brand, just like Coca Cola, Mercedes or Apple. With his name, everything can easily be sold: the Getreidegasse (Grain Lane) in Salzburg, the real Mozartkugeln (Mozart ball) and the country of Austria that depicts on his coins a composer who, strictly speaking isn’t of Austrian descent.

The Design of the Circulation Euro Coins: Austria – 2 Euros – Bertha von Suttner

The euro coins are a splendid means for all countries in the eurozone to convey their own self-conception. Bertha von Suttner was at the forefront of a peace movement that considered in the early 20th century that all future wars could be prevented. Thus, she is a worthy protagonist for the Austrian euro coins.

Krugerrand – South Africa’s Best-known Export Article

On July 3, 1967 the South African Mint in Pretoria issued the first Krugerrand coins. A new concept was at the bottom of this: These coins could be used as circulation money; however, they did not bear a nominal value…

A visit at the Joanneum

The Joanneum is the oldest and second largest museum in Austria, whose founding statute contains the obligation to collect domestic coins. Ursula Kampmann has paid the museum a visit.

Women and Finance. An Evolving Image

An intriguing exhibition has opened at Olten recently: “Women and Finance. An evolving image”. Read here, why exotic women and ancient goddesses were pictured on security certificates and how role models changed – not only on these papers, but also in real life economy!

Manual to identify Roman coins

England’s Portable Antiquities Scheme is the most successful program on coin finds world-wide. No other country has won so many supporters to …