Cochin-China – an almost forgotten episode of French history

On June 22, 2011, a big collection of French coins will be auctioned off at Künker’s including a rare pattern, which was produced in Paris for the French colony Cochin-China. What’s the story behind? And where is Cochin-China located anyway?

The coin in the fish’s mouth

Matthew 17:24-27 reports that Peter found a coin in a fish’s mouth, which was meant for paying the Temple tribute. David Hendin explains what kind of coin it was and what was the most common silver coin in the ancient Holy Land…

Surcharge of the Money Changers

Do you know, why there were money changers in the Temple of Jerusalem and how much they did earn? No, you don’t? Well, then you should read the article of David Hendin on this very special detail of every day’s life in the ancient Holy Land…

Agrippa’s Meeting of Kings at Tiberias

Josephus tells us of a most interesting meeting in Tiberias, apparently convened by Agrippa I (37-44 CE), grandson of Herod the Great, probably around 42 CE…

The King and Anna and the monetary reform of Thailand

Few people have shaped our image of Thailand like the well-shaven Yul Brunner who gets himself taught how to waltz by a lovely young governess. That, however, is a myth. The real story behind King Mongkut is even more thrilling!