From Lira to Euro. Italy’s History in Coins – Part 5: South Italy and the Mafia

When the big landowners in South Italy started to spend an increasing amount of time away from their estates, a phenomenon emerged that still plagues Italy today: the mafia. Since the unification of Italy, organized crime has exerted massive influence on politics.

How to Collect 2 Euro Commemorative Coins from Italy

Italian 2 euro commemorative coins are hardly ever found in circulation. And you should be careful regarding the secondary market: there are a lot of dubious offers. Don’t worry, with the tips of our expert numiscontrol, you can master this field!

Heavy Gold Coins – A Special Gift for Special People

Have you ever wondered why there were so many large gold coins weighing several ducats in the early modern period? We’ll show you with the help of some spectacular examples from the upcoming Numismatica Genevensis auction.