The Treasure at the End of the Rainbow

On 5 April 2022 auction house Künker offers the Christian Flesche Collection, which is probably the most spectacular collection of Celtic coins that has entered the market in recent years. Of course, it also contains the mysterious rainbow cups.

The Liberator: Augustus the Younger and His Bell Talers

On 21 March 2022, Künker will sell an important special collection of Welf issues. Among other things, it contains various types of the Brunswick glockentaler (bell talers). This article explains what Augustus the Younger wanted to express by means of these coins.

Look for These Dutch 2 Euro Commemorative Coins!

Dutch 2 euro pieces are not rare in Central European purses. But which pieces should collectors look for? And can they still be found in circulation? Our author numiscontrol shares the answers with us.