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The Autumn 23 Special Release from The NumisPlace features a selection of high-quality coins and medals from a variety of dealers.

The Augustean Denarius Find From Brohl-Lützing Offered at Auction

In the current auction of Solidus, the treasure find of Brohl-Lützing is on offer. The hoard of 18 denarii contains rare coinage from Pompeius to Augustus and thus takes us right into the highly exciting era of the Roman civil wars.


Künker ⸱ Auction 393 ⸱ 27-28 September 2023 ⸱ Osnabrück

We haven’t seen a comparable collection of Dutch coins on the market for almost half a century! On 27 and 28 September 2023, Künker – in collaboration with Laurens Schulman B.V. – will be auctioning the first part of this collection: 1,189 lots with a total estimate of more than 2 million euros.

Éditions Victor Gadoury

Éditions Victor Gadoury ⸱ Monaco 2023 Auction ⸱ 14 October 2023 ⸱ Monaco

Gadoury will hold its big auction sale on 14 October 2023. A special focus is on ancient coins, France, Italy and the USA. But even if your collecting interests lie elsewhere, do not miss out on studying this catalogue – it contains rarities from many countries across the globe.

Solidus Numismatik e.K.

Solidus Numismatik e.K. ⸱ Auction 124 ⸱ 19 September 2023 ⸱ Online

In the upcoming auction 124, Solidus offers 525 lots with several rarities, including a series of late Roman solidi in top condition and some rare Russian coinage. And let’s not forget the treasure find from Brohl-Lützing from the Augustan period!

One of the coins seized during the police’s Operation Fantail. (Courtesy of Durham Constabulary.) Next to it, a passage from the biography of Alfred the Great written by Asser. The coin presents the prominent 9th-century ruler in a whole new light.

How Two Fraudsters Almost Changed England’s History

Two English metal detectorists attempted to sell off some illegally excavated coins. In a police operation straight out of a movie, the pair were caught and have now been sentenced. The seized coins present England’s King Alfred the Great in a totally different light.

In 2022, Tokyo citizens handed in to police record ¥4 billon of lost cash. Image by David Mark from Pixabay.

Tokyo Sets New Record for Lost Cash Handed In

If you loose your cash let’s hope it happens in Tokyo. Then chances are good you get it back. Maybe in no other city in the world people hand in so much lost cash to police. There are good reasons why they do it.

The Fight for Collector’s Rights: An Interview With Ursula Kampmann

For his passionately run “Numischannel” on YouTube, Argentine numismatist Damian Salgado conducted an interview with Ursula Kampmann. Among other things, they talked about private collecting, the rights of collectors and the fight against unfair legislation worldwide. Take a look!

Tim Wright, British Celtic Coins: Art or Imitation? An Introduction to the coins of pre-Roman Britain. Spink, September 2023. 144p.148 x 210 mm. ISBN 9781912667987. Price: £30.

British Celtic Coins: Art or Imitation?

The peoples of pre-Roman Britain remain an enigma, and the same is true for their coins. Tim Wright wrote a new book on British Celtic Coins which will soon be published by Spink Books. Read his introduction on the topic here.

Stack’s Bowers Galleries has relocated their Hong Kong headquarters to larger corporate offices at Unit 2202-03, 22/F, Mira Place A. Photo: Ralf Roletschek / CC-BY3.0

Stack’s Bowers Moves Into New Hong Kong Office

Stack’s Bowers Galleries has relocated their Hong Kong headquarters. The new space is larger with a state-of-the-art auction facility. Opening will take place on October 11.