Starting price: 400 CHFCORINTHIA.
Corinth. Circa  350-300 BC. AR Stater.
Astarte web auction 261
Starting price: 350 CHFIONIA.
Circa 478-387 BC. EL Hekte.
Astarte web auction 275
Starting price: 1000 CHFLycia.
Patara. C. 400 BC.
AR Hemidrachm. the second known example.
Astarte web auction 2108
Starting price: 300 CHFCILICIA.
Nagidos. Circa 420-385 BC. AR Stater.
Astarte web auction 2121
Starting price: 350 CHFEGYPT.
Alexandria. Trajan, 98-117.
AE Drachm. Unicum.
Astarte web auction 2249
Starting price: 50 CHFDomitian, as Caesar, 69-81.
AR Denarius.
Astarte web auction 2290
Starting price: 400 CHFSabina. Wife of Hadrian, 128-136/7.
AE As.
Astarte web auction 2296
Starting price: 300 CHFPhocas, 602-610. AV Solidus.Astarte web auction 2331
Starting price: 800 CHFMantova.
Guglielmo Gonzaga, 1538-1587.
AR Grosso 1550.
Astarte web auction 2394
Starting price: 300 CHFNapoléon, AR Medal.
Foundation of the Cisalpine Republic.
Astarte web auction 2478

The Fight for Collector’s Rights: An Interview With Ursula Kampmann

For his passionately run “Numischannel” on YouTube, Argentine numismatist Damian Salgado conducted an interview with Ursula Kampmann. Among other things, they talked about private collecting, the rights of collectors and the fight against unfair legislation worldwide.

Damian Salgado has been a professor of numismatics and monetary history at the Argentine Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET) and at the Centro Numismático in Buenos Aires for 15 years. He is currently in charge of the classification and cataloguing of the ancient coins in the Cabinet of National Historical Museum in Buenos Aires. His YouTube channel “Numsichannel” has more than 3,800 subscribers and more than 260 videos online, dealing with many different numismatic topics. The videos are mostly Spanish language with English subtitles.

This interview however was held in English, so don’t be deterred by the Spanish introduction. Subtitles can be activated via a button under the video.


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