Colouring on 2-euro coins – still an absolute exception today. Collage: Canva.

Are Things Becoming Too Colourful? France and Portugal Issue 2-Euro Colour Coins

After six years, two Eurozone countries make use of the opportunity to design commemorative 2-euro coins with a special effect. Until now, official 2-euro coins with colour have been an absolute exception – for they are not at all liked to be seen in Brussels.

Berta von Suttner, Astrid Lindgren, Marie Curie – three women that changed the world will be honoured with 20-euro commemorative coins from Germany in the coming years. Collage: Canva.

Outstanding Women in Silver and a Break for 5-Euro Coins: Germany’s 2025 Commemorative Coin Programme

Germany’s 2025 coin programme comprises eleven issues, combining subjects of historical importance with current socio-political topics.

Dr. Busso Peus Nachf.

Dr. Busso Peus Nachf. ⸱ Auctions 437-438 ⸱ 24-26 April 2024 ⸱ Frankfurt a. M.

The Peus spring auctions 437 and 438 contain over 2,800 lots ranging from the beginnings of coinage to contemporary medals. One highlight is the Hoesch Collection – Animals and Hunting, which is presented in a special catalog.

CCG and JSA will provide a seamless solution for autograph collectors to have their items authenticated, graded and encapsulated by the world’s top experts.

Certified Collectibles Group to Acquire James Spence Authentication

Certified Collectibles Group acquires the leading autograph authentication firm James Spence Authentication.

MDC Monaco

MDC Monaco ⸱ Auction No. 14 ⸱ 3-4 May 2024 ⸱ Monaco

The spring sale by MDC features over 1,700 coins, medals and banknotes carefully selected for their quality. View some of the highlights of the sale here.

Naville Numismatics

Naville Numismatics ⸱ Live Auction 88 ⸱ 7 April 2024 ⸱ Online

Naville Numismatics presents its Live Auction 88. The sale features 620 lots of Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Medieval and Modern coins, all chosen with contribution from NAC’s experts.

530 million coins were minted in only four months. Image: Croatian Mint.

Croatia’s First Year as a Euro Country: A New Era for Coin Collectors and the Croatian Mint

Ivan Odrljin, sales representative at the Croatian Mint, talks to CoinsWeekly in an exclusive interview about the first steps in a new numismatic environment, challenges and chances, and gives insights into the future plans of Croatia.

Ten years after taking office, King Felipe treats himself to a facelift on Spanish commemorative coins. Photo: FNMT

King Felipe Unshaven: New Commemorative Coins from Spain

Spain has presented its first commemorative coins for 2024 – and the designs show an interesting detail.

These images depicting alleged banknotes were published on X by the "Government of East Africa" account. They are fakes. Source: "Government of East Africa" via X.

When Is a Currency Launch – Not a Currency Launch?

Nowadays, it is frighteningly easy to send misinformation around the world in a matter of seconds. Michael Alexander from the London Banknote and Monetary Research Centre uses a recent example to show that important subjects such as currency unions, or even money in general, can also be affected by this.

Atlas Numismatics

Atlas Numismatics ⸱ March 2024 Fixed Price List ⸱ 21 March 2024 ⸱ Online

Atlas Numismatics has updated their inventory with 268 new high-quality coins, medals and tokens at fixed prices.