Estimated price: 25,000 €Denmark. Christian IV. 4 speciesdalers 1624, Copenhagen.
Very rare. Very fine.
Summer Auction Sales 408-40914
Estimated price: 4,000 €Austria. Franz Josef I. 1857 double vereinstaler, Vienna.
Commemorating the completion of Austria’s
Southern Railway. Only 1,644 specimens minted.
About FDC in Proof quality.
Summer Auction Sales 408-409470
Estimated price: 10,000 €Mainz. Lothar Franz von Schönborn.
2 ducats n.d. (1696), Nuremberg.
Very rare. Extremely fine to FDC.
Summer Auction Sales 408-4092227
Estimated price: 15,000 €Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel. Heinrich Julius.
Löser of 4 reichstalers 1612, Zellerfeld.
From the Preussag Collection Very rare. Extremely fine.
Summer Auction Sales 408-409622
Estimated price: 7,500 €Wismar. 1668 reichstaler (32 schillings).
Very rare. Extremely fine.
Summer Auction Sales 408-4091052
Estimated price: 3,000 €German Empire. Saxe-Meiningen. George II.
2 marks 1915D. Very rare. About FDC in Proof quality.
Summer Auction Sales 408-4092743
Estimated price: 20,000 €China. Republic. 1 dollar n.d. (1916),
commemorating the beginning of the Hung Hsien period.
Very rare. NGC MS64. About FDC.
Summer Auction Sales 408-409372
Estimated price: 200,000 €France. Louis XIII. Huit louis d’or à la tête laurée 1640, Paris.
Extremely rare. Extremely fine.
Summer Auction Sales 408-4091573
Estimated price: 25,000 €Great Britain. Oliver Cromwell. Gold medal n.d.
(2nd half of the 17th century), commemorating his death.
Extremely rare. Extremely fine +.
Summer Auction Sales 408-4091646
Estimated price: 150,000 €Austria. Charles I. 20 kronen, 1918, Kremnica.
Probably the only specimen on the market. Extremely fine.
Summer Auction Sales 408-4092052
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157. Auction of Frankfurter Münzhandlung

Frankfurter Münzhandlung Nachf. GmbH

Auction 157


3 November 2023

D-Frankfurt a. M.

There is more to collecting than to invest and to hunt for expensive and even more expensive pieces. True to this motto, the old-established Frankfurter Münzhandlung auction house in the autumn of every year presents a small, carefully selected offer of individual numismatic pieces and series. This preview will cast a glance at the upcoming Auction 157 on 3 November in Frankfurt/Main with its plethora of coins and medals including well-known treasures as well as valuables that you might not have encountered yet.

Ancient Coins

Once again, the auction will start with ancient coins. Between a series of 250 Greek and Byzantine issues, a little “Roman intermezzo” presents the ROMA ÆTERNA Collection with a preface and a run of selected pieces. We divided this sale into three parts, with part 1 and 3 being sold by our online auction house Münzen Gut-Lynt, while part 2 and its about 50 pieces from this collection will be included in our Auction 157.

Lot 21.

Lot 21.

  • Lot 21: Calabria. Taranto. Didrachm, 500/490 BC. Dolphin rider to the right, an octopus in his left hand. Rv. Hippocampus to the right, below shell. Fischer-Bossert 25b (this specimen). Rutter, HN 827. Very fine-extremely fine. Estimate: EUR 3,000.
  • Lot 46: Sicily. Leontinoi. Tetradrachm, 455/430 BC. Head of Apollo. Rv. lion’s head, surrounded by four barleycorns. Boehringer in FS Price 1998: -. HGC 667. Very fine-extremely fine. Estimate: EUR 2,000.
  • Lot 51: Sicily. Messana (Zankle). Tetradrachm, 420/413 BC. The nymph Messana on mule-drawn biga, two dolphins in the exergue. Rv. rabbit above dolphin. Caccamo-Caltabiano 522.4 (this specimen). HGC 792. Very fine-extremely fine. Estimate: EUR 2,000.
  • Lot 146: Macedonia. On behalf of Alexander III the Great. Gold stater, 311/305 BC. Babylon, under Seleucus. Athena’s head with snake helmet. Rv. Nike with stylis and wreath, Price 3748. SC 81.2 About extremely fine. Estimate: EUR 2,000.
  • Lot 179: Galatia. Amyntas, 39-25 BC. Tetradrachm, 26/25 BC. Side. Athena’s head, behind a monogram. Rv. Nike with thyrsus, to the left the year 12. RPC 3501. BMC 6. About extremely fine. Estimate: EUR 1,000.
  • Lot 181: Cilicia. Satrap Datames, 378-372 BC. Stater, Tarsus. Enthroned Baaltars, bearded head and upper body from the front. Rv. temple, in it on the left the god Ana standing to the right, opposite Datames with raised right hand. SNG v. Aulock 5948-5949. Moysey, in: ANSMN 31, 1986 pp. 53-58 (ser. 5). Extremely fine. Estimate: EUR 1,000.
  • Lot 233: Rome. Imperatorial Issues. C. Julius Caesar. Denarius, 48-47. Sydenham 1013. Crawford 458/1. About extremely fine. Estimate: EUR 500. (From the ROMA ÆTERNA Collection)
  • Lot 234: Rome. Issues Of Emperors. Augustus, 27 BC – AD 14. Dupondius, 7 BC, Rome. RIC 433. Minted on a large blank. Corroded. Very fine. Estimate: EUR 150. (From the ROMA ÆTERNA Collection)
  • Lot 294: Roman Empire. Gordianus III, 238-144. Bimetal medallion, 239/240, Rome. Gnecchi II, p. 90, No. 30, with plate 105, 2 (this specimen). Bardin, RN 2014, gr. 4, img. 14a. Very rare. Very fine. Estimate: EUR 2,000.
Lot 295.

Lot 295.

  • Lot 295: Roman Empire. Gallienus, 260-268. Aureus, 262-263, Rome. RIC V, 1, 23 var. Calico 3461 var. NGC Strike 4/5, Surface 4/5. Extremely fine-FDC. Estimate: EUR 10,000.
  • Lot 328: Byzantium. Justinian II, 2nd reign, 705-711. Solidus, Constantinople. Sear 1415. About extremely fine. Estimate: EUR 1,500.
  • Lot 332: Byzantium. Constantine V. Copronymus with Leo IV, 757-775. Solidus, Constantinople. Sear 1551. Extremely fine +. Estimate: EUR 850.

German Coins and Medals

Next are German issues including many rarities and beautiful talers and medals as well as an important medal series from the House of Brunswick-Lüneburg. After imperial coins and world issues, Frankfurter Münzhandlung demonstrates that notaphily is also among its strong suits. On offer is a collection of banknotes from the German Empire and the Federal Republic.

  • Lot 364: Germany. Bavaria. Maximilian I, 1598-1651. 2 Ducats 1618, Munich. Hahn 63. Fr. 191. NGC AU58. Extremely fine. Estimate: EUR 5,000.
  • Lot 378: Germany. Bavaria. Ludwig I, 1825-1848. Konventionstaler 1832, Munich. So-called History Taler. Otto Prince of Bavaria, first King of Greece. About FDC. Estimate: EUR 650.
  • Lot 425: Germany. Prussia. William I. ½ Vereinskrone 1866 A, Berlin. Very rare condition. NGC MS64. FDC. Estimate: EUR 4,000.
  • Lot 456: Germany. Brunswick-Lüneburg. George Louis (George I), 1698-1727. Silver medal 1700. Dies by R. Faltz. Brockmann 796. Showpiece. Extremely fine. Estimate: EUR 1,000.
  • Lot 460: Germany. Brunswick-Lüneburg. George Louis (George I), 1698-1727. Silver medal 1707. Commemorating his taking over the supreme command of the Rhine army. Dies by P. H. Müller. Brockmann 798. Extremely fine. Estimate: EUR 500.
  • Lot 543: Germany. Teutonic Order. Johann Kaspar von Ampringen, 1664-1684. Golden oval Gnadenpfennig 1664. Commemorating his being elected Grand Master. Finely chiselled original cast with handle. Extremely fine. Estimate: EUR 15,000.
Lot 576.

Lot 576.

  • Lot 576: Germany. Hamburg. City. Broad Madonna Taler 1553, Hamburg. First Hamburg Taler. Very rare. NGC MS62. About FDC. Estimate: EUR 15,000.
  • Lot 645: Germany. Regensburg. City. 3 Ducats n.d. (1745-1765). With the title of Francis I. Very rare. Extremely fine. Estimate: EUR 10,000.
  • Lot 666: Germany. Saxony. Frederick Augustus II, 1733-1763. Ducat 1757, Dresden for Poland. Specimen of full weight and fineness. Rv. monogram “FR” below the coat of arms. Very rare. Extremely fine. Estimate: EUR 12,000.
  • Lot 756: Germany. Empire. Reuss. Henry XIV, 1866-1913. 20 Marks 1881 A, Berlin. PCGD MS64. FDC. Estimate: EUR 12,000.
  • Lot 775: Germany. Empire. Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt. Günther Viktor, 1890-1918. 2 Marks 1898 A, Berlin. NGC PF66. Proof. Estimate: EUR 1,500.
Lot 864.

Lot 864.

  • Lot 864: Italy. Venice. Marcantonio Giustinian, 1684-1688. Oval silver medallion 1687. Commemorating the victories against the Turks on the Morea penisular. Magnificent baroque medallion with fine patina. Extremely fine-FDC. Estimate: EUR 10,000.
  • Lot 870: Poland. First Republic, 1919-1939. 5 Zlotych 1925, Warsaw. Silver pattern. Variety with 100 pearls. Adoption of the constitution. Very rare. NGC Details. Slightly cleaned, about FDC. Estimate: EUR 2,500.
  • Lot 899: Austria. Franz Joseph I, 1848-1916. ½ Konventionstaler 1850 A, Vienna. Head to the left. Very rare. Extremely fine-FDC. Estimate: EUR 6,500.
  • Lot 951: Banknotes. Saarland. Saarmark banknotes. 100 Marks 1947. Very rare. Slightly used, minor tear on the right; II-III. Estimate: EUR 6,000.
  • Lot 967: Banknotes. Western Occupation Zones and Federal Republic of Germany as of 1948. Bank Deutscher Länder & Westberlin issues. 20 Deutsche Marks n.d. (1948). Very rare, only a few specimens were issued. Uncirculated; I. Estimate: EUR 6,000.
  • Lot 1012: Banknotes. Free City of Danzig. 1000 Guldens 1924. Issue of 10 February 1924. Minor traces of storage, otherwise uncirculated; I/I-. Estimate: EUR 2,500.

Meanwhile, the printed catalogue 157 of the Frankfurter Münzhandlung with the 1000 numbers and a total estimate of 800.000 EUR has been sent out. The pieces can also be browsed on the internet as an online catalogue, where you also have enlarged images at your disposal.

The auction sale will again take place following the auctions of Münzenhandlung Dr. Busso Peus Nachf. The venue for both sales – the auctions of Peus and of Frankfurter Münzhandlung – is Flemings Selection Hotel, Frankfurt-City, Eschenheimer Tor 2, 60318 Frankfurt am Main.

Viewing is possible until 30 October at Bornwiesenweg 34 in Frankfurt a. M. and from November 1 on at the auction venue.