Starting price: 15000 EURKINGDOM OF BACTRIA. Euthydemos I,
ca. 225 - 200 B.C. Stater ø 19mm (8.25g). ca. 225 B.C.
RR, Bordeaux records only 11 specimens for the
eries A staters! Gold. Rs. light double strike, mint.
Auction 297 and 298Lot 152
Starting price: 15000 EURKINGDOM OF BACTRIA. Agathocles Dikaios,
ca. 185 - 178 B.C. Tetradrachm ø 32mm (16.19g).
RR, Glenn lists only 10 examples for this type!
Very nice to excellent.
Auction 297 and 298Lot 199
Starting price: 10000 EURKINGDOM OF BACTRIA. Antialkidas Nikephoros,
ca. 120 - 100 B.C. Tetradrachm in Attic weight standard
ø 33mm (16.47g). RR, the third known specimen!
Beautiful toning, Rs. traces of corrosion, very fine to excellent.
Auction 297 and 298Lot 329
Starting price: 10000 EURKINGDOM OF BACTRIA. Straton I Epiphanes Dikaios Soter,
ca. 110 - 95 B.C. Tetradrachm in Indian weight standard
ø 29mm (9.76g). RR. Excellent to mint.
Auction 297 and 298Lot 378
Starting price: 15000 EURAKRAGAS. Tetradrachm ø 26mm (16.66g).
ca. 409 - 406 B.C. RR! With signature of die cutter Straton.
Light toning, fine cleaning scratches, excellent.
Auction 297 and 298Lot 1036
Starting price: 15000 EURSELEUKIDES. Seleucus I Nicator,
312 - 281 BC Tetradrachm ø 25mm (17.14g).
Circa 305/4 - 295 B.C.
Excellent to mint.
Auction 297 and 298Lot 1318
Starting price: 15000 EURROMAN IMPERIAL PERIOD. Domitian as Caesar,
69 - 81 A.D. Aureus ø 19mm (7.28g). 77 - 78 AD R!
Gold. Excellent.
Auction 297 and 298Lot 1490
Electors and Albertines. Johann Georg II, 1656 - 1680.
5 ducats 1657, Dresden. Of the utmost rarity. Gold.
Gorgeous gold toning, minimal minting weakness, excellent.
Auction 297 and 298Lot 2266
Starting price: 20000 EURJohann Christian and Georg Rudolf, 1602 - 1621.
3 ducats 1610 CT, Reichenstein. Mint administrator
Christoph Tuchmann. RR. Splendid specimen. Gold. Fine
gold toning, tiny scratches, near mint.
Auction 297 and 298Lot 2305
Starting price: 65000 EURAt the time of Sigismund III, 1587 - 1632.
2/3 imperial florins o.y. (probably 1613 - 1632,
probably 1618. Of the utmost rarity!
Irregular toning, very nice.
Auction 297 and 298Lot 2648

Important Numismatic Literature at Kolbe & Fanning

Kolbe & Fanning

Sale 167


10 June 2023


Kolbe & Fanning Numismatic Booksellers announced that their next auction sale on Saturday, June 10, 2023. The sale includes an impressive array of rare and out-of-print works on coins, medals, and paper money from antiquity to the present, including selections from the libraries of Louis E. Eliasberg, Sr., and Richard A. Eliasberg.

Some highlights of the sale include:

Lot 10.

Lot 10.

  • Lot 10: a complete set of Max Bahrfeldt’s classic revision of Babelon on Roman Republican coins. Starting Price: $1,300.
  • Lot 30: both parts of Feuardent’s elusive catalogue of Giovanni di Demetrio’s collection of ancient Egyptian coins. Starting Price: $325
  • Lot 91: a complete set of Anne Robertson’s comprehensive catalogue of the Roman Imperial coins in the Hunterian collection at Glasgow. Starting Price: $800.
Lot 114

Lot 114

  • Lot 114: Philippe de Stosch’s 1724 folio on engraved gems, a truly outstanding classic work, part of a small but select consignment of books on the subject. Starting Price: $1,000.
  • Lot 136: an attractive set of Bettange’s scarce and important 1760 work on the coining process. Starting Price: $500.
  • Lot 173: Wolfgang Hahn’s exceptional study of early Byzantine coins. Starting Price: $325.
Lot 286.

Lot 286.

  • Lot 286: Louis Eliasberg’s copy of the first edition of Ard Browning’s foundational work on U.S. quarter dollars. Starting Price: $1,000.
  • Lot 293: S.H. & H. Chapman’s plated 1906 catalogue of the outstanding collection formed by Harlan Page Smith. Starting Price: $1,000.
  • Lot 308: the suppressed first printing (1923) of S. Hudson Chapman’s work on the 1794 large cents, ex Louis Eliasberg. Starting Price: $1,000.
Lot 309.

Lot 309.

  • Lot 309: the unique Clapp Family collection inventory and provenance ledger, compiled by J.M. and John H. Clapp and later part of the Eliasberg Library, recording one of the greatest collections of U.S. coins never to have been properly catalogued or sold publicly, and of enormous importance for provenance research. Starting Price: $8,000.