Starting price: $7.500Annam: Thieu Tri gold "Heaven and Earth"
2 Tien ND (1841-1847) MS63 NGC
HKINF World & Ancient Coins - Hong Kong #311730001
Starting price: $5.000Annam: Bao Dai gold "Kim Bài"
Decoration Set ND (1936) AU
HKINF World & Ancient Coins - Hong Kong #311730002
Starting price: $10.000China: Kwangsi. Kuang-hsü copper Specimen
Pattern 10 Cash ND 1905 SP63 Brown PCGS
HKINF World & Ancient Coins - Hong Kong #311730056
Starting price: $40.000China: Republic Yuan Shih-kai silver Pattern
"Plumed Hat - Hat Touches Rim"
Medallic Dollar ND (1916) AU58 NGC
HKINF World & Ancient Coins - Hong Kong #311730088
Starting price: $10.000China: Republic Yuan Shih-kai Dollar Year 8
(1919) MS65+ NGC
HKINF World & Ancient Coins - Hong Kong #311730092
Starting price: $50.000China: Republic Tsao Kun gold Dollar ND
(1923) MS62 NGC
HKINF World & Ancient Coins - Hong Kong #311730098
Starting price: $40.000China: Republic Sun Yat-sen silver Specimen British Pattern
"Junk" Dollar Year 18 (1929) SP64 PCGS
HKINF World & Ancient Coins - Hong Kong #311730106
Starting price: $340.000China: People's Republic gold Proof "Seismography"
2000 Yuan (1 Kilo) 1992 PR68 Ultra Cameo NGC
HKINF World & Ancient Coins - Hong Kong #311730126
Starting price: $12.500Great Britain: William IV Proof Crown
1831 PR65 Cameo NGC
HKINF World & Ancient Coins - Hong Kong #311730160
Starting price: $2.500Netherlands: Zeeland. Provincial Piefort Ducaton
(Silver Rider) 1666 MS62 PCGS
HKINF World & Ancient Coins - Hong Kong #311730181
all premium auctions

SINCONA Fall Auctions 2023


Auctions 84-87


23 to 26 October 2023


Once again, the SINCONA auction house in Zurich prepared four outstanding auction catalogues for this autumn, 23 to 26 October 2023, covering the world numismatics from the Celtic period to this day. And, once again, there will be SINCONA special catalogues, three of them to be precise: coins and medals of Russia, issues of Persian rulers from the Kian Collection, part 1, and another part – part 5 – of the famous SINCONA British Collection. But the so called “general catalogue” also contains series that would have been worth being published as a separate work. The total estimate of almost 9 million Swiss Francs for the more than 3550 lots impressively shows what collectors and dealers can expect in October. But let’s start from the beginning.

Auction 84 – Coins and Medals from Russia

Despite the invasion of Ukraine and embargo policies, Russian coins and medals are still highly sought after. Russia with its many exciting issues from the era of the Tsars as well as its magnificent medals is important to the numismatic world and for monetary history from the Middle Ages to modern times. Therefore, SINCONA is pleased to, once again, present a special catalogue with 583 lots and an estimate of almost 3 million Swiss Francs, which is already eagerly awaited by collectors around the world. Here are some particularly fascinating lots that emphasize these introductory words:

  • Lot 6: Russia, Peter I, 1682-1725. Rouble 1705, Kadashevsky Mint. Extremely rare. NGC XF Details. Estimate CHF 25,000.
Lot 38.

Lot 38.

  • Lot 38: Russia, Peter II, 1727-1730. Rouble 1729, Kadashevsky Mint. Novodel. Showpiece of the highest rarity. NGC MS63+. Estimate CHF 25,000.

The dimensions of the then Tsar empire are illustrated by the two following lots – coins for other territories such as Poland and Georgia.

Lot 274.

Lot 274.

  • Lot 274: Russia, Nicholas I, 1825-1855. Issue for Poland. 10 Zlotych Polskich 1827, Warsaw mint. Extremely rare. NGC AU53. Estimate CHF 135,000.
  • Lot 277: Russia, Nicholas I, 1825-1855. Issue for Georgia. Double Abaz 1828, St. Petersburg mint. Extremely rare and of magnificent quality. NGC PF63. Estimate CHF 35,000.
Lot 316.

Lot 316.

  • Lot 316: Russia, Nicholas I, 1825-1855. 1 ½ Roubles – 10 Zlotychs 1836, the so-called Family Rouble. Beautiful patina. NGC AU58. Estimate CHF 50,000.
  • Lot 497: Russia, Nicholas II, 1894-1917. 1895 silver medal commemorating the construction of St Volodymyr’s Cathedral in Kyiv. Very rare, extremely fine with beautiful patina. Estimate CHF 15,000.
Lot 533.

Lot 533.

  • Lot 533: Russia, Nicholas II, 1894-1917. 25 Roubles – 2 ½ Imperials 1908. St. Petersburg mint. Extremely rare, only 175 specimens minted, perhaps for the Tsar’s 40th birthday. NGC UNC Details. Estimate 50,000.

Auction 85 – Kian Collection, Part 1

On the same day, 23 October, Auction 85 presents the first part of machine-minted coins and medals from Persian rulers the Persian dynasty of the Kian Collection, part 1. The estimate of the 364 lots is almost 1.5m Swiss Francs. It includes countless rarities, patterns and special issues.

In our auction 49 in October 2018, these impressive pieces from the Kian Collection were auctioned off as a single lot. After acquiring them, the owner had all pieces graded by NGC and, after five years, decided to auction off the collection as individual lots.

The current import restrictions on issues that were produced on the territory of today’s Iran (for example in the US) should not stop you from submitting your bids: we of SINCONA offer to all our buyers the possibility of storing the purchased pieces securely in our business safes until the customers can tell us where to ship them or come to take them in person. This unique end exclusive service is of course free of charge for those who acquire pieces at our auction sales.

Lot 1006.

Lot 1006.

  • Lot 1006: Iran/Persia, Nasir al-Din Shah, 1264-1313 AH (1848-1896). 25 Toman 1313 AH (1895/1896 AD). Tehran mint. Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the reign. Of the highest rarity, perhaps the only known specimen. NGC MS61. Estimate CHF 60,000.
Lot 1156.

Lot 1156.

  • Lot 1156: Iran/Persia, Muzaffar al-Din Shah, 1313-1324 AH (1896-1907). Gold medal of 10 Toman 1318 AH (1900 AD). Commemorating his visit to Paris. Extremely rare showpiece. In original case. NGC MS65. Estimate CHF 60,000.
  • Lot 1178: Iran/Persia, Muhammad Ali Shah, 1324-1327 AH (1907-1909). Pattern of 2 Ashrafi 1326 AH (1908/1909 AD), gold, Tehran mint. Of the highest rarity; perhaps the only known gold specimen. NGC PF62. Estimate CHF 15,000.
  • Lot 1185: Iran/Persia, Muhammad Ali Shah, 1324-1327 AH (1907-1909). 5000 Dinars 1326 AH (1908/1909 AD) pattern, Tehran mint. Very rare NGC PF61. Estimate CHF 25,000.
Lot 1190.

Lot 1190.

  • Lot 1190: Iran/Persia, Muhammad Ali Shah, 1324-1327 AH (1907-1909). Gold medal of 5 Toman 1326 AH (1908/1909 AD). Only 4 specimens are known of. NGC MS61. Estimate CHF 35,000.

Auction 86 – SINCONA British Collection, Part 5

On the next day, 24 October 2023, auction 86 follows suit with the 5th part of the SINCONA British Collection. 354 lots with an estimate of CHF 1.2 million are waiting for lovers of British monetary history. This can be taken literally as the lots include more than 100 Celtic pieces which were produced in the south east of the Island. Not only are the coins’ motifs attractive, no, the pieces’ quality is also outstanding in most cases.

  • Lot 1519: Great Britain, Celtic coins. Regini and Atrebates, rulers unknown. Gold Stater n.d., so-called Selsey Cogwheel Typ. Wreath design, small rings and cogwheel within hair. Rv. Triple-tailes horse right, wheel below and charioteer’s arms above. Extremely fine. Estimate CHF 400.
Lot 1526.

Lot 1526.

  • Lot 1526: Great Britain, Celtic coins. Regini and Atrebates, Tincomarus, 25 BC-AD 10. Gold ¼ Stater n.d. Tincomarus Medusa Type. TINC in corded tablet, C above and A below. Rv. Facing head of Medusa. About extremely fine. Estimate CHF 1,500.

To avoid an abrupt jump from the Celtic age to modern times, as a “numismatic transition”, next is a small series of sovereigns and half sovereigns of the monarchs William IV, Victoria, Edward VII and George V.

Lot 1625.

Lot 1625.

  • Lot 1625: Great Britain, Victoria, 1837-1901. Sovereign 1850, London mint. NGC MS61. Estimate CHF 500.

With Queen Elizabeth II, SINCONA kicks off its auction of truly “modern” issues. On offer are Proof sets and individual coins from 1980 to 2021, from small denomination to the unique 5000-pound gold coin.

  • Lot 1743: Great Britain, Elizabeth II, 1952-2022. Classic Britannia Collection. Proof set 1997-2005 with 20 coins (denominations: 100 Pounds to 10 Pounds, all pieces graded by NGC). Original case with certificate. Only 27 sets were issued. Estimate CHF 10,000.

The cover page of catalogue 86 is adorned with an extraordinary specimen: the 5000-Pound issue from 2019 by Queen Elizabeth II with the image of the masterpiece “Una and the Lion” created by the engraver William Wyon on the reverse. This Una and the Lion series of 2019 was issued with denominations of 5000 Pounds (gold, 5 kg), 2000 Pounds (gold, 2 kg), 1000 Pounds (gold, 1 kg), 500 Pounds (gold, 5 oz), 200 Pounds (gold, 2 oz) as well as 5 Pounds (silver, 2 oz). Only this single specimen exists of the five-kilo 5000-Pound coin – it is truly unique!

Lot 1845.

Lot 1845.

  • Lot 1845: Great Britain, Elizabeth II, 1952-2022. 5000 Pounds 2019, Royal Mint in Llantrisant. 5 kilograms of gold. From The Great Engravers series. In original luxurious presentation case. NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO. Unique. Estimate CHF 350,000.

Auction 87 – Coins and Medals from Around the World

We know from experience that the catalogue with Coins and Medals from Around the World is the most extensive one. This holds also true this autumn. Auction 87 from 24 to 26 October 2023 is divided into several, often heavy-weight parts: World Coins, the regularly held bullion auction, the chapter of Swiss coins and medals with the pattern collection of the Swissmint, banknotes from Switzerland and, ultimately, the sale of objects from the coin shop of Werner Merk in Zurich. This adds up to 2279 lots with an estimate of 3.29 million Swiss Francs.

The chapter with World Issues obviously includes smaller and larger runs, such as 161 lots from China (estimate: CHF 152,000), Germany with 131 lots (estimate: CHF 149,000), France with 51 lots (estimate: CHF 126,000), Italy with 235 lots (estimate: CHF 279,000), HRE/Austria with 182 lots, including a small collection of Czech banknotes (estimate: CHF 105,000), Sweden with 38 lots and also with a small collection of banknotes (estimate: CHF 69,000) as well as the US with 115 lots (estimate: CHF 532,000). Here are a few highlights:

Lot 2075.

Lot 2075.

  • Lot 2075: China, Empire. Tibet. 3 Srang BE 16-20 (1946), Tapchi mint. Rare condition. NGC MS64. Estimate CHF 800.
Lot 2101.

Lot 2101.

  • Lot 2101: China, People’s Republic. 1981 proof set (4 coins with objects from the bronze period), Shanghai mint. Only 1000 sets minted. In original case with certificate. NGC certified. Estimate CHF 10,000.
Lot 2212.

Lot 2212.

  • Lot 2212: Germany, Duchy of Bavaria, Maximilian I, 1598-1651. 5 Ducats 1640, Munich mint. Commemorating the refortification of the city. NGC MS62. Estimate CHF 30,000.
  • Lot 2223: Germany, Electorate of Brandenburg-Prussia, Frederick III, 1688-1713. 10 Ducats 1690 as donativum, commemorating the homage in Königsberg. Probably 2nd known gold specimen. Extremely fine. Estimate CHF 30,000.
Lot 2370.

Lot 2370.

  • Lot 2370: France, Louis XVI, 1774-1792. 1789 gold medal commemorating the opening of the town hall and the election of J. S. Bailly as mayor. Of the highest rarity. Extremely fine to FDC. Estimate CHF 45,000.
  • Lot 2416: Great Britain, James II, 1685-1688. 1685 silver medal with bust of the later executed J. Scott, 1st Duke of Monmouth. Very rare. Extremely fine. Estimate CHF 4,500.
  • Lot 2605: Italy, Correggio, Camillo d’Austria, 1597-1605. Tallero n.d. Of the highest rarity. Attractive very fine. Estimate: CHF 10,000.
  • Lot 2682: Italy, Savoy/Sardinia, Carlo Emmanuele IV, 1796-1802. Doppia 1798. Very rare, especially in this quality. Extremely fine to FDC. Estimate CHF 8,000.
  • Lot 2786: Columbia, Fernando VI, 1746-1759. 8 Escudos 1749 S, Santa Fe Mint (Nuevo Reino). Extremely rare and unusually finely minted. NGC AU58. Estimate CHF 15,000.
  • Lot 2831: Netherlands, William II 1840-1849. 10 Guldens 1842, Utrecht mint. Only 860 specimens minted. Showpiece. NGC MS64*. Estimate CHF 10,000.
  • Lot 3186: Czechia / HRE, Albrecht von Wallenstein, 1623-1634. Taler 1626, Jitschin mint. Very rare specimen with gorgeous patina. About extremely fine. Estimate CHF 15,000.
Lot 3242.

Lot 3242.

  • Lot 3242: USA, 10 Dollars 1797, Philadelphia mint. Liberty cap type. Broad eagle. Very rare. NGC AU58. Estimate CHF 25,000.
  • Lot 3312: USA. 5 Dollars 1904, Philadelphia mint. Liberty head type. Very rare and of magnificent condition. PCGS PR65 CAM. Estimate: CHF 25,000.
Lot 3351.

Lot 3351.

  • Lot 3351: USA. 20 Dollars 1926 D, Denver mint. St. Gaudens type. Extremely rare and of magnificent condition. PCGS MS64. Estimate CHF 30,000.

Auction 87 – Bullion Auction

In addition to gold lots, this time, the traditional Bullion Auction also includes silver lots – 168 numbers. All lots will be auctioned off at special conditions to private individuals and dealers; however, bids are made as a percentage of the precious metal price, not based on the currency; and buyers do not pay a premium added to the hammer price regardless of whether they participate as room bidders, submit their bids via writing or Live Bidding.

Auction 87 – Swiss Coins and Medals

Swiss monetary history is always rich in interesting coins and medals. 415 lots and an additional 71 lots with Swiss banknotes amount to an estimate of 1.25 million Swiss Francs, in addition, there is an important special chapter called “Patterns of the Swissmint” with 51 lots. They include all the patterns of an issued series, which can perfectly be identified by the Swissmint logo that is featured on all NGC labels. Noting similar has ever entered the market!

Lot 4096.

Lot 4096.

  • Lot 4096: Switzerland, Diocese of Chur, Johann Anton v. Federspiel, 1755-1777. 1767 Ducat, Chur mint. Extremely rare and of magnificent condition. Extremely fine to FDC. Estimate CHF 20,000.
Lot 4149.

Lot 4149.

  • Lot 4149: Switzerland, Solothurn, Chorherrenstift St. Ursus. Large sized Taler n.d. (1555), presentation piece, so-called Berta Taler. Very rare and good very fine. Estimate CHF 20,000.
  • Lot 4302: Switzerland, Confederation. From the series “Swissmint Patterns”. 25 Francs 2022, Bern mint. Pattern for the special issue “100 year anniversary of the last minting of the 10-Franc Vreneli”. The final version of this coin was minted with a denomination of 50 Swiss Francs and had a large mintage figure. Of the highest rarity; only 5 specimens minted. NGC MS 70. Estimate CHF 15,000.
Lot 4307.

Lot 4307.

  • Lot 4307: Switzerland, Confederation. From the series “Swissmint Patterns”. 25 Francs 2022, Bern mint. Pattern for the special issue “Timemachine” with special essay mark on the obverse. Unique. NGC PF70 ULTRA CAMEO. Estimate CHF 15,000.

A banknote series represents all issue periods of Switzerland from 1825 to this day. Also included are reserve banknotes of the Swiss National Bank. One of the most beautiful banknotes is presented here.

Lot 4480.

Lot 4480.

  • Lot 4480: Switzerland, Swiss National Bank. Reserve banknote of 1000 Francs 1950, 1 January. Design by Hans Erni. Ready to be issued, serial number: 010005. Of the highest rarity. -I / About uncirculated. Estimate CHF 35,000.

The final event of this year’s auction cycle by SINCONA AG deserves a special mention. In March 2022, coin dealer Werner Merk passed away. He had taken care of his shop in Zurich dealing in coins, medals, banknotes, stamps, watches, jewelry and many other objects – his “collector’s paradise” – until the advanced age of more than 90 years. He was probably one of the last dealers of the old guard. More than 260 lots were gathered when the SINCONA employees inventoried the stock of his store in order to auction it off. It should be noted that the viewing and the pick-up of the acquired items will take place at the store in Frankengasse 6; while the auction will take place in SINCONA’s auction room as a worthy conclusion.