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Internet Auction 25 by Stephen Album Rare Coins

Stephen Album Rare Coins

Internet Auction 25


4-5 March 2024

US-Santa Rosa

Stephen Album Rare Coins will hold its Internet Auction 25 on March 4-5, 2024 at their offices in Santa Rosa, California. The auction is made up of 2000 lots of Ancient, Islamic, Indian, Chinese, and World Coins. Starting prices range from just $15 up through $475.

Category highlights include:

  • 46 Lots of Mexican Coins and Tokens (46 Lots)
  • A Fantastic Selection of Danish India Coins (58 Lots)
  • An Assortment of British India Coins (96 Lots)
  • Numerous Coins of the Mughal Empire (79 Lots)
  • A Collection of Coins With Chinese Chopmarks (69 Lots)
  • Umayyad of Spain Coins All With Different Dates (23 Lots)
  • PCGS Graded Bulgarian Coins (19 Lots)

Some single highlights from the sale follow:

Lot 1012.

Lot 1012.

Lot 1012: World: Japan: Keio, 1865-1868, lead 200 mon (133.46g), Yonezawa, Dewa Province, H-6.38, JNDA-139.13, 46x54mm, atai ni hyaku (value two hundred), sei san kyoko (Production Bureau) at right // sanju shi momme (thirty-four momme), a superb quality example! VF-EF. These lead coins were minted in Yonezawa in Dewa Province, probably around 1866. At this time, the Samurai class found their occupation gone, and in many cases were in great distress. A society was formed under local government supervision to give them aid, and these coins were issued to them. Estimated at $550 to $650.

Lot 1168: World: Bulgaria: Boris III, 1918-1943, 1 lev, 1925, KM-35, an incredible mint state example! PCGS graded MS67. Estimated at $150 to $250.

Lot 489.

Lot 489.

Lot 489: World: Iran: Zand: Karim Khan, 1753-1779, AV ½ mohur (5.41g), Rasht, AH1191, A-2788, type C, nice strike for this type, choice VF, S. Estimated at $350 to $400.

Lot 550: India: Kuntala: Punchmarked ca. 600-450 BC, AR ½ karshapana (6.90g), Rajgor-502/509, “pulley” with simplified swastika above, VF-EF. Estimated at $250 to $300.

Lot 1277.

Lot 1277.

Lot 1277: Prussia: Wilhelm II, 1888-1918, gilt AE 3 mark, 1913, KM-X3ag, Schaaf-113/G1, N-284890, 33mm pattern in gilt bronze by Karl Goetz, a wonderful specimen quality example! PCGS graded Specimen 64, ex Leigh Park Collection. Estimated at $250 to $350.

Lot 1469: World: Poland: Republic, AR zloty, 1925, Y-16, struck at the London Mint, dot after date, a lovely lustrous example! PCGS graded MS63. Estimated at $150 to $250.

Lot 1467.

Lot 1467.

Lot 1467: World: Poland: Stanislaw II Augustus, 1764-1795, AE trojak (3 grosze), Warsaw, 1787, KM-205, an attractive nearly mint state example, PCGS graded AU58. Estimated at $125 to $175.

The firm is currently accepting consignments through March 1 for its Auction 49, which will take place on June 13-16, an is always seeking coins for later sales.