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Atlas Numismatics Updates Their Fixed Price Offers in June 2023

Atlas Numismatics

Fixed Price List June 2023


22 June 2023


Atlas Numismatics has updated their website with 218 new coins, medals, and tokens at fixed prices. Selections include the following items:

No. 1074993.

No. 1074993.

Klippe 10 Ducats of Salzburg

No. 1074993: Austrian States. Salzburg. Maximilian Gandolph von Küenburg. (Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg, 1668-1687). 1668 AV Klippe 10 Ducats. NGC MS62. 34.94gm. * MAXIMIL : GANDOLPH9 D : G : ARCHIEPS : SALISBVRG : SED : AP : LEG : S : R : I : PR :. Cardinal’s hat and tassels above shield of arms; divides date / * SS : RVDBERTVS • ET • VIRGILIVS • PATRONI • SALISBVRGENSES •. Two saints seated facing each other with croziers, church in foreground. KM 204; Fr.-798; Probszt 1597; Zöttl 1922 (Type 5). Exceedingly rare. Currently the finest known at NGC as of May 2023. Price: $155,000.

Attractive Danish West Indies 12 Skilling

No. 1075718: Danish West Indies. Christian VI. (King, 1740 – 1849). 1740-(heart) CW AR 12 Skilling. NGC AU58. Royal Danish Mint. D . G. REX . DAN . | NOR . VAN . G . . Crowned double C6 monogram / XII. SKIL. DANSK. FOR. DE. DANSK. AMERIC. INSULER. Ship within inner circle. KM 4. Attractively toned. Price: $1,950.

No. 1075783.

No. 1075783.

Cameo Proof Württemberg 4 Ducats

No. 1075783: German States. Württemberg. Wilhelm I. 1841 AV 4 Ducats. NGC PR62 Cameo. By Voigt. Stuttgart. Laureate head, left; signed below truncation / City goddess with staff and shield of arms; cherub supporters to either side with cornucopia and fasces; date in exergue. KM X-1; Fr.-3615; KR-86; AKS 119; Jaeger 75; cf. Hermann 469; Divo 232. Commemorative Coinage. 25th Anniversary of Reign. Superb eye appeal for the grade assigned; mirrored fields and frosty devices. Very rare as a proof striking. Price: $19,500.

No. 1074636.

No. 1074636.

Choice Ferdinand VII Mexico 8 Reales

No. 1074636: Mexico. Ferdinand VII. 1809-Mo TH AR 8 Reales. NGC MS63. Mexico City. FERDIN · VII… Armored laureate bust right / IND · REX… Crowned shield flanked by pillars. KM 110; Calico 1308. Attractively toned; some minor natural annealing flaws in planchet. Price: $1,950

No. 1075866.

No. 1075866.

Gem 1871 Switzerland Pattern 20 Francs

No. 1075866: Switzerland. 1871-B AV Pattern 20 Francs. NGC PR65. Edge: Reeded. Shield within sprigs, date below / Value within wreath. KM Pn17; Fr.-491; HMZ-2-1225a, Divo Proben-9; Varesi 634. From a reported mintage of just 25-30 pieces. Price: $36,500.

Updates to their online inventory are issued monthly.

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