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Atlas Numismatics Updates Their Fixed Price Offers in September 2023

Atlas Numismatics

September Fixed Price List


21 September 2023


Atlas Numismatics has updated their website with 280 new coins, medals, and tokens at fixed prices. Selections include the following items:

No. 1076122.

No. 1076122.

Attractive Nero Aureus

No. 1076122: Roman Imperial. Nero. (Emperor, 54-68 AD). Struck 54-68 AD. AV Aureus. NGC Ch. XF (Choice Extremely Fine) Strike 5/5 Surface 4/5. Rome. 17.2mm. 7.41gm. IMP NERO CAESAR AVGVSTVS. Head of Nero, laureate, right, with beard / IVPPITER CVSTOS. Jupiter seated left on throne, holding thunderbolt and spear. RIC 52; Calicó 412. Ex. MDC Auction 4 (15 November 2018) Lot 79. Price: $22,500.

No. 1075000.

No. 1075000.

Salvator Mundi Medallic 10 Ducats

No. 1075000: Austria. (Undated) c.1777-1846 AV Medallic 10 Ducats. NGC MS61. By Anton Wideman, Vienna. 42mm. 34.85gm. SALVATOR MUNDI. Half-length portrait of Christ with halo, right; signed A.W. below / SUB UMBRA (As before) – ALARU TUARU (Under the shadow of Thy wings.) [ MUNUS/ :R · P:/ VIENNENS ] (Vienna city view). City view of Vienna with St. Stephen’s Cathedral, crowned double eagle with sword, scepter and orb in the claws, below three lines of writing in decorated cartouche between two shields. Unlisted in Horsky; Cf. A. Wideman, Unger pl. III, 21 (AR); for engraver cf. Forrer VIII, p. 274. Extremely rare in gold. Although exact dating is impossible, we believe this piece is an early example due to the die state. Price: $98,500.

Second Zionist Congress Medal

No.1075073: France. Israel. 1898 AE Medal. PCGS SP65. By Samuel Freidrich Beer. Paris. Edge: (cornucopia) BRONZE. 63.5mm. 111.33gm. Standing allegorical figure pointing to a new dawn and horizon for the Jewish people / Biblical quotation (in stylized Hebrew), a prophecy, from the Book of Ezekiel (Yekhezkel) [“Behold and I take the sons of Israel from among the nations and I have brought them to their land.”]. Struck for the Second Zionist Congress in Basel, 1898. Housed in an oversized holder. Includes original case. Price: $1,950.

No. 1075005.

No. 1075005.

Sharply Struck Wildman 24 Mariengroschen

No. 1075005: German States. Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel. Ludwig Rudolph. 1732 IAB AR 24 Mariengroschen, 2/3 Thaler. NGC MS64. Zellerfeld. Value within inner circle, date in legend / Wildman with tree in left hand, value at left. KM 812; Dav.-357; Welter 2468. Price: $1,695.

No. 1076409.

No. 1076409.

Exceptional Charles I Milled Unite by Briot

No. 1076409: Great Britain. England. Charles I. (1631-32)-(Flower) AV Unite. PCGS MS62. By Nicholas Briot. Briot. Crowned, draped, and armored bust left, wearing ruffled collar; denomination XX behind head / Crowned and garnished coat-of-arms divides a crowned-C and R to either side. KM 171; SCB-2719; Fr.-253; North 2294. Briot’s first milled issue. Superb and exceptional; one of the finest surviving examples of this milled issue. Includes original collector’s envelope. Price: $68,500.

Beautifully Toned 1/2 Rider (1/2 Ducaton) of Utrecht

No. 1076291: Netherlands. Utrecht. 1781 AR 1/2 Ducaton, 1/2 Silver Rider. NGC MS64.Edge: Reeded. MO : NO : ARG : CON : FOE : BELG : PRO : TRAI ·. Armored knight on horse above crowned shield / CONCORDIA RES PARVÆ … Crowned arms of Utrecht, with supporters, date below. KM 115.1. Attractively toned. Price: $4,450.

Updates to their online inventory are issued monthly.