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Atlas Numismatics Updates Their Fixed Price Offers in November 2023

Atlas Numismatics

November Fixed Price List


2 November 2023


Atlas Numismatics has updated their website with 409 new coins, medals, and tokens at fixed prices. Selections include the following items:

No. 1076406.

No. 1076406.

Exceptional Valens Solidus

No. 1076406: Byzantine. Valens. (Emperor, 364-378 AD). Struck 367 A.D. AV Solidus. NGC MS✭ (Mint State ✭) Strike 5/5 Surface 4/5. Constantinople Mint. 4.37gm. D NVALENS – DFAVC. Pearl-diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust, right / RESTITVTOR – REIPVBLICAE. Valens standing left, head ro right, holding labarum with cross and crowning victoriola; CONS (wreath) in exergue. RIC-3D.2; Depeyrot-20/2.  Ex North American Collection, CNG – Triton XI (January 2008) Lot 1009. Includes old auction ticket. Price: $8,500.

No. 1076561.

No. 1076561.

Choice Leopold I 5 Ducats

No. 1076561: Austria. Leopold I. (Holy Roman emperor, 1657-1705). 1661 ca AV 5 Ducats. NGC MS63. Vienna. 17.4gm. LEOPOLDVS DG R…. Laureate bust right / ARCHD · AVS · D · BVR · COM · TIRO. Crowned imperial eagle. KM A1203; Fr.-262.; Herinek 85. Ex Millennia Collection – Lot 486; Ex Goldberg’s Auction 59 (30 May 2010) Lot 2614. This coin was also illustrated in the book, “Money of The World” (Coin #96). Price: $89,500.

Proof 2 Rigsdaler

No. 1076337: Denmark. Christian IX. 1863 HC-RH//FK AR 2 Rigsdaler. PCGS PR65. Copenhagen. Head right / Head right. KM 770; Dav.-78; Hede.-3; Sieg.-4. Frederik VII Death and Accession of Christian IX. Ex Mark and Lottie Salton Collection. Includes original collector’s envelope. Price: $5,950.

Augsburg Medal by Loos

No. 1076053: German States. Augsburg. 1755 AR Medal. PCGS SP63. By G. F. Loos. 14.69mm. 37.7gm. Allegorical figure of Religion steering a boat and holding open a book and flag with ChiRho; a dove of peace to left and city fortifications to right / Legend on seven-lines; date below. Whiting 506; Erlanger 2215; Plato 180. On 200 years of religious peace in Augsburg. Includes original collector’s ticket. Price: $795.

No. 1076155.

No. 1076155.

Superb James II Coronation Medal

No. 1076155: Great Britain. England. James II. (King, 1685-88). 1685 AR Coronation Medal. NGC MS64. By J. Roettier. Edge: Plain. 34mm. IACOBVS · II · D · G · ANG · SCO · FR · ET · HI · REX. Laureate bust, right / A · MILITARI · AD · REGIAM · (From the military to the royal crown); in exergue, INAVGVRAT · 23 · AP/ 1685. Hand of God holding crown above laurel wreath resting on pillow. Eimer 273; MI 605/5. For the coronation of James II. Price: $5,950.

No. 1076522.

No. 1076522.

Impressive William and Mary Gold Medal

No. 1076522: Great Britain. England. William and Mary. (Monarchs, 1689-1694). (1691) ND AV Medal of 20 Ducats Weight. PCGS SP63. By Daniel Drappentier. Edge: Lettered. 47mm. 72.01gm. Conjoined and draped laureate busts, right / The King enthroned holding a Chi Rho staff in a classical setting receiving readings from those gathered around. MI-19/186. Literary award medal struck for presentation to those having composed celebratory poems of the monarch’s voyage to England and their coronation . Exceedingly rare type. Ex. Dr. Werner Koch Collection and Ex Coenen Collection. Price: $97,500.

Lovely Pisa Grosso

No. 1076342: Italian States. Pisa. Federico I. (Repubblica di Pisa, 1155-1312). (1155-1312) ND AR Grosso. NGC MS63. 1.67gm. +IMPERATOR•. Two flowers to either side of “F” monogram / +S MAR• D’ PISIS. Madonna and child; star to left; all within inner circle. Biaggi 1933; MIR 394/4. Struck in the name of Frederick I. Currently one finest known at NGC as of October 2023. Ex Mark and Lottie Salton Collection. Includes original collector’s envelope. Price: $2,250.

Mint State 1895 Manila Medal

No. 1076357: Spain. Philippines. Isabella II & Alfonso XII. 1895 AR Medal. PCGS MS61. By Melecio Figueroa. Edge: Plain. 40mm. 37.55gm. EXPOSICION REGIONAL DE FILIPINAS// *MANILA 1895*. Conjoined busts of the Queen and the young King, right; signed M.F. below / Allegorical figure of Progress crowning a seated man with a laurel; exhibition center in background. Honeycutt 37; Basso.-714. For the 1895 regional Expo at Manilla. Price: $4,450.

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