Estimate price: 1,250€Lycia. Undefined Dynast. Stater, around 480 B. C.
unknown mint. Rare. Fine toning, weakly struck,
extremely fine. Ex Sayar Collection.
Spring Auction Sales 402-40643
Estimate price: 1,250€Lycia. Kherei. Stater, 430/410 B. C. Telmessos. Rare.
Extremely fine. Ex Sayar Collection.
Spring Auction Sales 402-406164
Estimate price: 20,000€Sicilia. Syracuse. Dekadrachm, 405/400 B. C., specimen
by the master engraver Kimon, unsigned.
Extremely rare. Fine patina, tiny scratches, good very fine.
Spring Auction Sales 402-406585
Estimate price: 40,000€Roman Empire. Hadrianus, 117-138 for Aelius. Aureus,
137, Rome. Rare in this condition. Attractive piece with
perfect centering, tiny flan defect, extremely fine.
Spring Auction Sales 402-406890
Estimate price: 10,000€German States. City of Regensburg. 2 Ducats n. d. (1742),
with the titel of Karl VII. Extremely rare. Attractive piece.
Extremely fine-uncirculated.
Spring Auction Sales 402-4063209
Estimate price: 10,000€German States. City of Regensburg. Thick, double Reichstaler
n. d. (around 1742), with the titel of Karl VII. Extremely rare.
Attractive piece with nice patina, extremely fine.
Spring Auction Sales 402-4063217
Estimate price: 25,000€Holy Roman Empire. Ferdinand II, 1592-1618-1637.
5 Ducats 1636, Prague. Extremely rare. S
lightly bent, very fine-extremely fine.
Spring Auction Sales 402-4063821
Estimate price: 15,000€German States. Bavaria. Ludwig I., 1825-1848. Gold struck
from the die of a Double gulden. Of the highest rarity.
Attractive piece with fine golden toning. NGC MS63+.
Spring Auction Sales 402-4063949
Estimate price: 20,000€German States. Saxony. Friedrich August I., 1694-1733
(August der Starke). 2 Ducats 1695, Dresden.
Extremely rare. Attractive piece, min. bent, extremely fine.
Spring Auction Sales 402-4064054
Estimate price: 75,000€German States. Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel. Julius, 1568-1589.
Löser (multiple taler) Heinrichstadt (Wolfenbüttel),
Extremely rare. Very attractive piece, extremely fine.
Spring Auction Sales 402-4064144

Atlas Numismatics Updates Their Fixed Price Offers in December 2023

Atlas Numismatics

December Fixed Price List


21 December 2023


Atlas Numismatics has updated their website with 330 new coins, medals, and tokens at fixed prices. Selections include the following items:

No. 1076737.

No. 1076737.

Populonia 25 Asses

No. 1076737: Roman Republican. Etruria. Populonia. Struck circa 300-250 BC. AV 25 Asses. NGC Ch. AU (Choice About Uncirculated) Strike 5/5 Surface 4/5. 11.5mm-13mm. 1.39gm. ΧΧV (retrograde). Lion’s head with tongue protruding, right / (Blank). Vecchi 21.70, obverse die O1, this piece; Vecchi, SNR 67 (1988) 47.28, this piece; SNG ANS 2, same die; SNG Lloyd 10 = Jenkins AGC 475, same die). Ex P.& P. Santamaria listino (1961) No. 2; Ex Münzen und Medaillen Auction 44, Basel (15 June 1971) Lot 1; Ex Peus Auction 336, Frankfurt (199) Lot 5; Ex Tradart (18 November 1993) Lot 5 (Color plate pg. 28); Ex European Connoisseur collection (formed before 2002). Price: $19,500.

Gem Napoleon III 5 Francs

No. 1076871: France. Napoleon III. (Second Empire, 1852-1870). 1852-A AR 5 Francs. PCGS MS65. By Jean-Jacques Barre. Paris. Edge: DIEU PROTEGE LA FRANCE ***. (lamp) LOUIS-NAPOLEON BONAPARTE (hand). Head, left; signed below truncation / REPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE. . Denomination within wreath. KM 773.1; Gadoury 726 (Tête étroite); F.-329. Price: $2,695.

No. 1076314.

No. 1076314.

Schaumburg-Lippe Medallic 2 Ducats

No. 1076314: German States. Schaumburg-Lippe. Albert Wolfgang. (1728-1748). 1732 AV Medallic 2 Ducats. NGC MS64. 25.5mm. 6.83gm. HVCVSQVE/ (Jehova). Radiant name of Jehovah in Hebrew letters over the view of the castle / LAPSA ERIGAM/ (Jehova). Radiant name of Jehovah in Hebrew letters over a foundation stone and seven ashlars. Weinmeister 32 (in Silver). On the fire of Bückeburg castle, February 21st and the beginning of the restoration on July 3rd. Price: $29,500.

No. 1076771.

No. 1076771.

William and Mary Five Guineas

No. 1076771: Great Britain. England. William and Mary. (Monarchs, 1688-1694). 1692 AV Five Guineas. PCGS AU58. Edge: • ¹ • DECVS • ET • TVTAMEN • ANNO • REGNI • QVARTO • ¹ •. 41.63gm. GVLIELMVS • ET • MARIA • DEI • GRATIA. Conjoined heads of William and Mary right / • 16 – 92 • MAG • BR • FR • ET • HIB • – REX • ET • REGINA. Crowned quartered shield of arms. KM 479.1; SCBC-3422; Fr.-299. Price: $78,500.

No. 1076069.

No. 1076069.

Exceptional Holland 6 Stuivers or “Scheepjesschelling”

No. 1076069: Netherlands. Holland. 1730 AR 6 Stuivers, Scheepjesschelling. NGC MS66. Edge: Plain. MO: NO: ORD: HOLL: ET WESTFRI:. Crowned arms of Holland divides value, date above / VIGILATE DEO CONFIDENTES ·. Sailing ship. KM 45; CNM 2.28.116; V. 55.6. Price: $1,950.

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