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Atlas Numismatics Updates Their Fixed Price Offers in May 2024

Atlas Numismatics

May 2024 Fixed Price List


30 May 2024


Atlas Numismatics has updated their website with 141 new coins, medals, and tokens at fixed prices. Selections include the following items:

No. 1078302.

No. 1078302.

Mint State 1855 Australia Sovereign

No. 1078302: Australia. Victoria. (Queen, 1837-1901). 1855-(sy) AV Sovereign. PCGS MS62. Sydney. Edge: Milled. Fillet head. KM 2. Superb lustrous surfaces; extremely rare in this quality. Ex. Baldwin’s New York Sale IX (January 2005) Lot 232 ($42,500 hammer). Price: $46,500.

No. 1078343.

No. 1078343.

Superb Ducat Struck from Rhenish Gold

No. 1078343: German States. Bavaria. Maximilian II. MDCCCLII (1852) AV Ducat. NGC MS64✭ DPL (Deep Prooflike). 3.49gm. MAXIMILIAN II BAVARIAE REX. Head right / River scene. KM 841; Fr.-278; Divo/S.-35; Schl.-114. The appearance of a lovely proof striking with heavily frosted devices and deeply mirrored fields; given the star designation by NGC for exceptional eye appeal. Price: $29,500.

No. 1078781.

No. 1078781.

Extremely Rare Queen Anne Pattern Guinea

No. 1078781: Great Britain. England. Anne. (Queen, 1702-1714). 1702 AV Pattern Guinea. NGC AU50. ANNA · DEI · – GRATIA ·. Bust left with no drapery and lovelock on shoulder / MAG – BR FRA – ET · HIB – REG ·. Monogram AR at center; crowned shields in cruciform, sceptres at angles. W&R 59 (R6, 3-5 Known). An exceedingly rare pattern guinea and quite possibly the first true pattern guinea struck. Ex. St. James’s Auctions Ltd. (London), Auctions 14-15, 30 September 2010, Lot 501. Ex. Captain Douglas-Morris Collection, Sotheby’s Sale (26 November 1974) “The Distinguished Collection of English Gold Coins 1700-1900 formed by Captain K. J. Douglas-Morris R.N.” Lot No 5; Ex. Captain Vivian Hewitt Collection. Includes original copy of the 1974 Sotheby’s Sale catalog with the illustration of this coin (Lot No. 5). Price: $75,000.

Beautifully Toned Charles III Mexico 8 Reales

No. 1078283: Mexico. Charles III. (King, 1759-1788). 1780-Mo FF AR 8 Reales. PCGS AU58. Mexico City. CAROLUS · III · DEI · GRATIA ·. Armored bust of Charles III, right / · HISPAN · ET IND · REX · … Crowned shield flanked by pillars with banner, normal initials and mint mark. KM 106.2. Price: $2,450.

No. 1078837.

No. 1078837.

City View Basel 2 Thaler

No. 1078837: Swiss Cantons. Basel. ND (1670) AR 2 Thaler. NGC MS62. 56.01gm. DOMINE CONSERVA NOS IN PACE. Coat of arms of Basel surrounded by eight small shields. / BASILEA. City view. Davenport 1741; D.T. 1329; HMZ 2-77b. Price: $11,500.

Updates to their online inventory are issued monthly.