Starting price: 135'000 CHFRussian Empire, Nicholas I. 1825-1855.
10 Zlotych Polskich 1827, Warsaw Mint.
Excessively rare. NGC AU53.
SINCONA AG, Zürich - Auctions 84-87, Oktober 23 - 26274
Starting price: 25'000 CHFIran/Persia, Muhammad Ali Shah, 1324-1327 AH (1907-1909).
Pattern 5000 Dinars 1326 AH (1908/1909 AD), Teheran Mint.
Very rare. NGC PF61.
SINCONA AG, Zürich - Auctions 84-87, Oktober 23 - 261185
Starting price: 1'500 CHFGreat Britain, Celtic coins. Regini and Atrebates / Tincomarus,
25 BC-AD 10. Gold ¼ Stater ND. Tincomarus Medusa Type.
About extremely fine.
SINCONA AG, Zürich - Auctions 84-87, Oktober 23 - 261526
Starting price: 350'000 CHFGreat Britain, Elizabeth II., 1952-2022.
Proof 5000 Pounds 2019, Royal Mint Llantrisant.
5 kg gold. Unique. NGC PF69 ULTRA CAMEO.
SINCONA AG, Zürich - Auctions 84-87, Oktober 23 - 261845
Starting price: 800 CHFChina, Empire. Tibet. 3 Srang BE 16-20 (1946), Tapchi Mint.
Rare in this condition. NGC MS64.
SINCONA AG, Zürich - Auctions 84-87, Oktober 23 - 262075
Starting price: 30'000 CHFGermany, Duchy of Bavaria, Maximilian I, 1598-1651.
5 Ducats 1640, Munich mint. On the refortification of the city.
SINCONA AG, Zürich - Auctions 84-87, Oktober 23 - 262212
Starting price: 15'000 CHFBohemia / Holy Roman Empire, Albrecht von Wallenstein,
1623-1634. 1626 Thaler, Jitschin Mint.
Very rare specimen with magnificent patina. Almost excellent.
SINCONA AG, Zürich - Auctions 84-87, Oktober 23 - 263186
Starting price: 25'000 CHFUSA, 10 Dollars 1797, Philadelphia Mint.
Liberty cap type. Large eagle. Very rare. NGC AU58.
SINCONA AG, Zürich - Auctions 84-87, Oktober 23 - 263242
Starting price: 20'000 CHFSwitzerland, Solothurn, St. Ursus canonical monastery.
Large Schautaler ND (1555), so called Berta Thaler.
Very rare, good very nice.
SINCONA AG, Zürich - Auctions 84-87, Oktober 23 - 264149
Starting price: 15'000 CHFSwitzerland, Confederation. Pattern 25 francs 2022,
Mint of Berne. Only 5 specimens minted. NGC MS70.
SINCONA AG, Zürich - Auctions 84-87, Oktober 23 - 264302

Atlas Numismatics Updates Their Fixed Price Offers in May 2023

Atlas Numismatics

Fixed Price List May


25 May 2023


Atlas Numismatics has updated their website with 451 new coins, medals, and tokens at fixed prices. Selections include the following items:

No. 1074984.

No. 1074984.

Choice Mint State 4 Ducats of Salzburg

No. 1074984: Austrian States. Salzburg. Matthäus Lang. Prince-Archbishop 1519-1540).1522 AV 4 Ducats. NGC MS63. Edge: Plain. 13.89gm. + MATHEVS • CARDI • ARCHIEPS • SALZBVRGN. Bust, left divides date, MD – XXII / + MATHEVS • CARDI • ARCHIEPS • SALZBVRGN. Cardinal’s hat and tassels above shield of arms. Fr.-591; Probszt 157; Zöttl 126 (Typ 1). Exceedingly rare. Price: $85,000.

Copper Norodom Piastre

No. 1075496: Cambodia. Norodom I. (King, 1860-1904). 1860 CU Pattern or Trial Strike Piastre/Peso. NGC PR65BN (Brown). By Faconnet. Edge: Plain. 36.6mm. 19.2gm. NORODOM I ROI DU CAMBODGE. Bust, left; signed below truncation / UNE PIASTRE – UN PESO. Arms of Cambodia. cf. KM X-M9 (silver); Lecompte 90 (Plain edge variant).

Extremely rare. Price: $16,500.

Bird’s Eye City View Thaler

No. 1073456: German States. Eichstatt. 1781 KR/OE AR Thaler. NGC MS66. CAPITULUM REGNANS SEDE VACANTE., 10 EINE FEINE MARCK. below. 13 oval arms form circle with 3 shields of arms and date within ornate frame at center / HAC SUB TUTELA. City view. KM 90; Dav.-2210; Cahn 145; Zepernick 79. One of the most interesting perspectives of all the city-view thaler types, an intricate bird’s eye view. Sede Vacante issue. Price: $18,500.

No. 1075502.

No. 1075502.

Exceptional Spanish Armada Medal

No. 1075502: Great Britain. Netherlands. Holland. Elizabeth I. (Queen, 1558-1603).1588 AR Medal. NGC AU55. By Gerhard van Bijlaer (unsigned). Edge: Plain. 52mm. (rose) x DVRVMx ESTx CONTRAx STIMVLOSx CALCITRAREx [Acts IX-5]// : O. COECAS. HOMINVM. MENTES et O. PECTORA. COECA. Philip II and other Catholic heads of Church and State seated, blindfolded, with feet on spiked floor / (rose) x TVx DEVSx MAGNVSx ETx MAGNAx FACISx TVx SOLVSx DEVSx [Psalms LXXXVI-10]// : VENI. VIDE. VIVE. et (date). The Spanish fleet driven against rocks. Van Loon I, 384/1; Eimer 56a (52mm); MI 144/111; Attwood 2009 No. 1. Defeat of the Spanish Armada. A lovely example, struck rather than cast, and with an attractive cabinet patina. Price: $32,500.

No. 1074368.

No. 1074368.

Superbly Toned Gothic Crown

No. 1074368: Great Britain. Victoria. (Queen, 1837-1901). 1847 AR Gothic Crown. PCGS PR64. By W. Wyon. Royal Mint. Edge: UNDECIMO. VICTORIA DEI GRATIA BRITANNIAR. REG: F:D. Crowned bust left / TUEATUR UNITA DEUS, ANNO DOM MDCCCXLVII. Crowned shields of England, Scotland and Ireland in cross formation with flowers at corners. KM 744; SCBC-3883; ESC-2571 (Bull); Prev. ESC-288; Dav.-106. Superbly toned with much cameo contrast evident on the devices (not noted by PCGS on the insert). Price: $59,500.

No. 1074700.

No. 1074700.

Gem Venice Silver Ducato

No. 1074700: Italian States. Venice. Alvise Mocenigo IV. (1768-69) RBP AR Ducato. NGC MS66. S. M. V. ALOY. MOCENICO. D. St. Mark seated at left presenting staff with cross and pennant at top to doge kneeling at right, mintmaster’s initials in exergue /DVCATVS. VENETVS. Lion of St. Mark striding to the left, head facing forward, left paw resting on an open book, above which is a castle on a hill. KM 663; Dav.-1561. Price: $8,500.

Colorful Benedict XV Medal

No. 1074655: Vatican City. Benedict XV. (Pontiff, 1914-1922). AN VII (1921) AR Medal. PCGS SP64. By Aurelio Mistruzzi. Edge: Plain. 44mm. 35.95gm. BENEDICTVS XV – PONT MAX A VII. Half-length portrait to the left / DOCTORVM SCRIPTVRAE DVX CELEBRATVS// NVMERVS AVCTVS/ ANNO MCMXX. The Holy Doctors Jerome and Ephrem nimbate and seated; radiant Bible at center. Rinaldi 115; Bartolotti E 921; Cusumano Modesti 186. Struck to commemorate Encyclical Principi Apostolorum for the Proclamation of St. Ephrem Doctor of the Church. Price: $675.

Updates to their online inventory are issued monthly.