Entries by Peter Terhorst

Nomos AG

Nomos AG ⸱ Obolos 29 ⸱ 8 October 2023 ⸱ Online

Nomos offers a selection of over 850 coins and medals in their Obolos 29 sale. Johannes Stelzhammer presents some of the highlights.

Rebel Emperors of Britannia: Carausius and Allectus

At the end of the third century AD, Carausius and Allectus successively ruled Britain, and parts of the Continental coast, as rebel emperors for a period of ten years. A new book, published by Spink Books, aims to tell the incredible story of these two rebel emperors. Learn more about them and their rich coinage in this article.

Joe Cribb is the 2023 Derek Allen Prize Winner

Joe Cribb is a well-known specialist in the monetary history of Asia. For his outstanding contribution to the discipline of numismatics, the British numismatist has been awarded the 2023 Derek Allen Prize by the British Academy.

New Corporate Design for the World Money Fair

Updates from the World Money Fair: The world’s largest coin fair has had a new managing director for some time now. Now the corporate design has also been revised.

Swissmint Commemorates Wind Power

Following the issues on hydropower and solar energy, Swissmint completes its trilogy “Energy of the Future” with the new commemorative coin “Wind power.” As with its two predecessors, the silver coin glows in the dark.

CIT’s Topography – Grand Canyon

Those who take this Grand Canyon coin in their hands for the first time, will find it hard to believe how detailed it replicates the relief of the Grand Canyon. With this issue, CIT and B. H. Mayer’s Kunstprägeanstalt demonstrate that an ultra-high relief can also be turned into an ultra-low relief.

Naville Numismatics

Naville Numismatics ⸱ Live Auction 84 ⸱ 8 October 2023 ⸱ Online

Naville Numismatics presents its newest auction featuring a selection of 721 lots of Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Medieval and Modern coins, all chosen with contribution from NAC’s experts.

Stack’s Bowers Galleries

Stack’s Bowers Galleries ⸱ October 2023 Hong Kong Auction Rarities Night ⸱ 12 October 2023 ⸱ Hong Kong

In the coming months, Stack’s Bowers Galleries will offer the last rarities from the collection of the “King of Coins.” The iconic pieces were retained or reacquired by the family as personal favorites when the majority of the collection was sold.

Gorny & Mosch

Gorny & Mosch ⸱ Auctions 297-298 ⸱ 9-11 October 2023 ⸱ Munich

This fall, among other highlights, the Klaus Grigo collection will go under the hammer at Gorny & Mosch. It contains over 530 selected coins of the kingdom of Bactria and tributary territories with many rarities.