I am the badge of Phanes

On March 8th, 2010, Gorny & Mosch will present a specimen of the mysterious key series of the early coin production. The Phanes stater from a private collection in Israel is estimated at 150.000 Euros. It is the …

A Weight from the Empire of the Seleucids

A huge elephant is depicted on the weight that was auctioned off on 18th December 2013 in auction sale Gorny & Mosch 218 – Ancient Art. It is of interest not just to the art lover but to everyone concerned with ancient metrology. After all, both the shekel and the drachm is based on the mine, i.e. the unit represented by this weight.

Olympia and the Eleans – The introduction of the cult of Hera

For us Olympia seems to be equivalent to the peaceful contest of all nations. In referring to ancient tradition we forget entirely that …

A cownapper as royal role model

On 10 March 2014, an octodrachm of the Edones tribe will be auctioned off at Gorny & Mosch featuring on its obverse Hermes who, after just being born, stole the cattle from Apollo. One wonders why King Getas chose that scene to be depicted on his coins.

Sikyon and its Chimaira

Why do we find Chimaira on the staters of the city of Sikyon? A search for traces…

The Punic Goddess

On Friday, March 13, 2015, Künker auctions off a Siculo-Punic coin with an enigmatic depiction: on the obverse we see a beautiful woman with a Phrygian cap. Is it Dido? Is it Tanit? Or is it perhaps a completely different goddess?

The Laurion silver

But one day, one noon, I believed I had found it. I was at Sounion all by myself; the summerly sun was burning; the wounded pines dripped resin…

Sicilian Mosaic Part 10: Rescue by the Mother City of Corinth

After the murder of Dion, the ruler of Syracuse, his followers looked for help in Corinth, where the founding settlers of Syracuse had come from many centuries ago. And Timoleon in fact succeeded in stabilizing the Syracusan region.

Heracles the snake-strangler

Herakles strangling the snakes, this subject occurs on the coins of some very important harbor towns of Asia Minor at the same time. This article will explain what’s behind it…

Sicilian Mosaic Part 11: The classical coinage of Syracuse

Syracusan coins are among the most beautiful strikings of antiquity. Have a look at a few examples in the following.