A New Pattern from Germany of the Yunnan Dragon Dollar

Heidelberger Münzhandlung presents a new testimony to the active cooperation between China and Germany: a pattern of the Dragon Dollar for Yunnan, produced with German minting presses.

The German Ministry of Finance sells unique collection of German economic history in London

The German Ministry of Finance has awarded Spink with the sale of the inventory of historic bonds from the former German Reichsbank from 1889 to 1945. The historically important documents will be going under the hammer in London on November 20, 2015.

Ottoman Imtiyaz medal awarded to German Emperor William I yields 161,000 Euros

On December 30, 1883, the Ottoman ruler drafted a decree by which he invested the German Emperor William I, his new confederate, into the Golden Order of Merit of his country, called Nishan Imtiyaz. That honor was intended to strengthen the political ties between the German Emperor and the Empire at the Bosporus River…

German cutting edge technology in the Chinese Empire

On February 6th, 2016, 42 Chinese coin dies and 36 punches from the holdings of Otto Beh’s company will be handed over to the state coin cabinet of Saxony-Anhalt. They attest to an exciting chapter of German history of technology.

Money of the German Colonies

In 1871, after the great victory over France and the unification of the German Confederation in the German Empire, ambitious German businessmen thought that everything was possible. They saw their English colleagues earning the earth in the colonies and wanted to do just the same…

Reformation jubilees – a journey through the centuries

Künker will auction a major collection of coins and medals related to the Reformation on September 27, 2017. Using this material, this article shows the extent to which politics of the past centuries used Luther and the Reformation jubilee for their own purposes.