A Bonaparte on Holland’s Coins

On 27 September 2022, Künker will auction off the collection of the Verschoor brothers. It contains what’s probably one of the most important collections of coins from the Kingdom of Holland. Read about the fate of the short-lived kingdom and the numerous problems King Lodewijk had to deal with when introducing his new coins.

Napoleon’s Eternal Glory

There are very few power seekers of the past that are admired in today’s world as much as Napoleon. One of the reasons for this is his way of self-portrayal. We tell the story of one of his medals. It belonged to Napoleon himself and will be offered in Künker’s Berlin sale.


On 7 October 2019, auction house Künker will be auctioning a necklace and bracelet made from ancient coins, said to have been commissioned by the great general Napoleon Bonaparte for his younger sister Pauline. That would make sense: In Napoleon’s time, people loved anything that was reminiscent of antiquity.

Union et Force: A coin of the French Republic, minted under Napoleon

On February 4th, 2016, Künker will offer a French 5 franc gold pattern of year 10 for sale. The type can be traced back to the French Directory and it was only changed when Napoleon was certain of his power.

Napoleon tames the Saxon Steed

Napoleon was a master in the art of humiliation. Please find here a characteristic example of his mastership: The French Victoria is taming the Saxon Steed on a medal made from Saxon silver.

How Malta Came under the British Flag

On March 12, 2015, the auction house Künker auctions off an unusually rare testimony of the Maltese history. The small silver ingot in the weight of 30 tari from 1800 is the last currency produced on Malta.