From Lira to Euro. Italy’s History in Coins – Part 7: The Church and Fascism

In 1929, the Vatican and Italy signed the Lateran Treaty. This international agreement was the ultimate accolade for Mussolini. The Duce dreamed of an Italian empire in Africa and around the Mediterranean Sea. However, this dream turned into a nightmare.

From Lira to Euro. Italy’s History in Coins – Part 3: The Battle for Rome

The new state of Italy is growing together, however, the “heart” of the country – Rome – is controlled by the Pope. When France withdraws its protective hand from the Holy See, the patriots are already in the starting blocks to storm the Eternal City.

200 years of service for the Popes – Hamerani, the dynasty of medallists

A Bavarian goldsmith had to flee from Munich. Who would have thought that he was to become the ancestor of one of the most important dynasty of Italian medallists?

The Holy Year on coins and medals

Do you know what the Church understands by a ‘Holy Year’? Initially, it was created as a special attraction for the pilgrims coming to Rome who were promised a plenary indulgence. Today, every Pope has his own year. In this regard, we show you coins from five centuries…

Human faces, part 34: A “terrible” Pope

Why does this coin feature both the Pope and the trademark of an influential merchant family? This coin, portraying Julius II and the Fugger family business, illustrates that economy and religion always have and always will go hand in hand.