Theft at the 2023 NYINC

Unfortunately, this is a recurring issue at all coin shows these days: despite strict security measures and alert security guards, there was an incident at the 2023 New York International Numismatic Convention during which numerous coins were stolen from a dealer. According to the New York Post, the coins are believed to be worth about 100,000 dollars.

At the convention, which was also attended by CoinsWeekly, various rumours quickly spread about the course of events. Sometime after the dealer left his booth on Thursday evening and before he came back around noon on Friday, the coins were stolen from his booth. According to the organisers, the dealer closed and left his booth while the show was still open to the public, i.e. while visitors were still on the convention grounds. The New York Post reports that the police obtained security camera footage. It shows how the suspected perpetrator puts the coins into a rollerbag and disappears with them. It seems unclear whether the dealer’s display case was broken open or whether the coins were kept in a bag under the table, as another rumour has it.

At this point, we would like to emphasise that the security concept and the security staff of the NYINC made an excellent impression. We witnessed, for example, a possible thief being stopped by alert security guards.

The NYPD is investigating the theft. The dealer concerned, World Numismatics from Palo Alto, has published a list of the stolen items:

Slabbed Coins

  • Venezuela 1874 Venezolano Essai, NGC63, XR $75,000
  • Mexico 1878 DoE 20P, NGC55, XR $22,000
  • Colombia 1789 P 8Es, NGC58 $6,000
  • Mexico gold 1 pesos, 6 pieces, NGC & PCGS $3,700
  • Ecuador 1858 5F, NGC62 $1,700
  • Mexico (1714) 2 Es, NGC66 $9,500
  • Netherlands 1671 Lion $, PCGS62 $1,800
  • Italy Avigon (1362-70) gold florin NGC62,#5778593-007 $5,500
  • Italy (1519-56) 1SD’Or, NGC61,#2126492-035 $2,750
  • Italy (1629-58) 4SD’OR, Ngc62,#5787656-013 $8,800
  • Spain (1621-65) cob 8Es, NGC64, #2117465-026 $20,350
  • Peru 1967 G50S, NGC67 $2,750
  • Thracian, Coson AV stater, NGC MS, #3762411-007 $2,200
  • Peru 1863 G20S slabbed AU, 3 pieces $5,600
  • Brazil 1726 20,000R NGC62 $12,500
  • Spain 1701 Seville 8Es NGC65 $18,000

Raw Coins

  • Mexico 1812 Oaxaca 1/2R struck, VF w/ hole, unique $15,000
  • Mexico 1878 GoS 20P, ms58-61, XR $10,000
  • Mexico 1817 D-MZ 8R aXF $2,000
  • Mexico 1732 1Es, 2 pieces, XF $26,000
  • Spain (1621-65) cob 4Es, 2 pieces, XF $9,600
  • Mexico 1789 gold Ch.IV Proclamation medal, XF $3,850
  • Chile 1816SoFJ 8Es $4,500
  • Ecuador 1858 5F Unc $1,600
  • Colombia 1867 G10P, AU-Unc $2,000
  • Colombia 1864 G20P, AU $2,500
  • Colombia (ND) cob 2Es, XF $2,100
  • Colombia 1812 NR 8Es XF $1,750
  • Mexico 1787 8Es XF $1,750
  • additional coins $100-$2,000 each

Pass on any pertinent information to the NYPD or Doug Davis via phone: 817-723-7231 or mail.

Here you can find the article of the New York Post.