Heritage Auctions sells most expensive Kennedy Half Dollar

In the framework of the Central States Numismatic Society Convention in Schaumburg near Chicago a Kennedy half dollar of 1964 was auctioned by Heritage on April 25, 2019. This is one of few rare pieces made of an alloy of 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper and marketed in a special coin set by the U.S. Mint. Only about a dozen of these pieces may even exist. This specimen was graded SP67.

Todd Imhof, Vice President at Heritage Auctions, proudly calls the coin the “king of Kennedy half dollars.” He is happy about the high price and comments: “It seems we were very successful in attracting all the right bidders to this modern rarity and collectors did not want to miss the opportunity to own one of the United States’ rarest Kennedy Half Dollars.”

The pieces produced for the coin set are characterized by a better strike as they were made under considerably higher pressure than those produced for circulation. The appeal of the strike, the rarity of the silver-alloy and the subtle, silken surface of the coin explain the price.

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