Starting price: 80.000 EUR100 PESETAS. 1870Fernando VI collection Peseta collection 20 DEC 20236185
Starting price: 18.000 EUR5 PESETAS. 1949*19-52Fernando VI collection Peseta collection 20 DEC 20236424
Starting price: 15.000 EUR8 ESCUDOS. MEXICO. 1747Fernando VI collection Peseta collection 20 DEC 20236098
Starting price: 15.000 EUR2 ESCUDOS. SANTIAGO. 1758Fernando VI collection Peseta collection 20 DEC 20236134
Starting price: 9.000 EUR8 ESCUDOS. SEGOVIA. 1687/3Fernando VI collection Peseta collection 20 DEC 20236006
Starting price: 6.000 EUR8 ESCUDOS. SEVILLA. 1699Fernando VI collection Peseta collection 20 DEC 20236011
Starting price: 5.000 EUR4 ESCUDOS. SEGOVIA. 1683Fernando VI collection Peseta collection 20 DEC 20236005
Starting price: 5.000 EUR8 ESCUDOS. SEVILLA. 1700Fernando VI collection Peseta collection 20 DEC 20236012
Starting price: 5.000 EUR4 ESCUDOS. MADRID. 1749Fernando VI collection Peseta collection 20 DEC 20236081
Starting price: 4.000 EUR4 ESCUDOS. MADRID. 1748Fernando VI collection Peseta collection 20 DEC 20236080

A New Chapter: The Foundation of a New Auction House for Numismatic Literature

Numismatisches Antiquariat Lang GmbH, a new auction house specialising in numismatic literature in the Munich area opens its doors and offers collectors and enthusiasts a remarkable selection of treasures from the fascinating world of numismatic literature.

Initiator and managing partner of the company is Michael Lang. His fascination and enthusiasm for numismatic literature began at the age of 13 and has remained with him. He now wants to share this and provide collectors and researchers with access to both high-quality numismatic literature and standard literature.

Michael Lang, a trained banker and Master’s graduate in corporate restructuring and reorganisation, is an experienced expert in the world of numismatic literature. He described the library of the former numismatic department of the banking house Hauck und Aufhäuser for the renowned auction house Künker, Osnabrück and was the initiator and main responsible for the previous literature auctions of the auction house Solidus Numismatik, Munich. His many years of expertise and commitment are the cornerstones on which the Numismatisches Antiquariat Lang is built.

Michael Lang.

Michael Lang.

The Numismatische Antiquariat Lang GmbH is pleased to receive consignments and offers of numismatic literature. It will be pleased to accept faulty lists and requests for purchase. As a special offer of the Numismatisches Antiquariat Lang provides the first stock list exclusively for all readers of CoinsWeekly.

The first auction of numismatic literature will take place on 07 January 2024. The Numismatische Antiquariat Lang cordially invites collectors, numismatic enthusiasts and researchers to participate in this and the upcoming auctions and to discover the cultural significance of coins and medals through numismatic literature.


Numismatisches Antiquariat Lang GmbH
Eisenbahnstr. 25, 82110 Germering, Germany
Tel.: 089/84008470; E-Mail.