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Coiniverse Launches AI Assistant for Coin Collectors

Coiniverse, the world’s leading coin collecting app with over 130,000 registered users, is proud to announce the launch of Coin AI, a cutting-edge generative AI assistant designed to enrich the coin collecting experience. Whether collectors are curious about the history of specific coins, seeking advice on coin care, or eager to learn more about numismatics, Coin AI is now the go-to resource committed to providing accurate and comprehensive answers.

Bring your collection to life with Coiniverse. Image: Coiniverse.

Bring your collection to life with Coiniverse. Image: Coiniverse.

Coin AI is capable of answering general questions about coins and coin collecting. Users can now delve deeper into their hobby by asking Coin AI questions like “What’s the history behind the Morgan Silver Dollar?” or “How do I catalog my coins?” and continuing the dialogue with Coin AI from there. To ensure the safety and privacy of our users, it will not access or provide information related to personal accounts or specific transactions within Coiniverse.

“The rise of generative AI and new language models brings a lot of new possibilities, apart from the enormous hype around them. We want to help coin collectors easily use this technology to learn from the coins and the hobby. As trust is the number one factor for us, we also wanted to ensure we were not compromising on quality or risking the safety of our users when using these solutions. This is one further step to introduce new technology through Coiniverse to make the collecting experience better and even more fun.” says Mikko Sievänen, CEO of Coiniverse.

Coin AI is currently in beta and being constantly improved based on user feedback. All users can test Coin AI for a limited amount of questions, and Coiniverse’s Club subscribers have a chance to ask unlimited questions.

The founders of Coiniverse. Image: Coiniverse.

The founders of Coiniverse. Image: Coiniverse.


Coiniverse aims to delight everyone with coins by uplifting the everyday through discovery, offering the best coin collecting experience, and bringing the global community together.

The company develops a mobile app and platform for coin collectors and mints worldwide. Users can manage, discover, and expand their collections while connecting with other enthusiasts. Mints can join and showcase their coins to a global community.

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