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CoinsWeekly and Numista

Would you like to discuss our latest articles with like-minded people? You can now do so in the Numista forum. It’s easy and free of charge.


Every Thursday, an automated entry in the Numista forum lists new CoinsWeekly articles.

Every Thursday, an automated entry in the Numista forum lists new CoinsWeekly articles.

Every week, CoinsWeekly publishes new article from the numismatic world in German and English. We regularly receive letters from readers across the world that express approval or, sometimes, constructive criticism. However, it is not possible to comment on articles directly on the CoinsWeekly website. Implementing such a feature would require a forum moderator, and our editorial staff simply does not have the resources for this.

CoinsWeekly: A Bridge Between Various Numismatic Fields

“Behind the creation of CoinsWeekly was the wish to build bridges between the many fields of numismatics, between collectors, dealers, scholars, museums and contemporary numismatics to even include the coin producing industry,” this is how Ursula Kampmann, founder of CoinsWeekly, describes her project. “Right from the start, CoinsWeekly attached great importance to the collaboration with players from every part of the numismatic world. Therefore, I am looking forward to the collaboration with Numista and am excited to see how their active community will use this new feature.”

Numista: A Vivid Exchange of Ideas

The Numista platform was founded in 2007 by Xavier Rogé. It offers large databases for coins and paper money that are openly available and curated by Numista members. There are several opportunities to exchange ideas and find new pieces of information.

Xavier Rogé, the founder of Numista, says: “I love the content of CoinsWeekly. So I wanted to share it in some way with the Numista community. The forum looked like the right place and I am sure it will lead to interesting discussions.”

For two weeks now, an automated entry has been posted in the “Coin information and questions” forum every Thursday with the latest CoinsWeekly news stories including their title, intro, cover image and a link to the article. All Numista members can then discuss the articles and exchange ideas. And be assured, the CoinsWeekly editorial staff will also regularly check out the forum.

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