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France is the Guest of Honor at the World Money Fair 2024

The world’s largest coin fair, World Money Fair, will present France as the guest of honor next year. The Focus is on the state-owned French mint, Monnaie de Paris, which will present a numismatic highlight of the coming year at the Estrel Congress Center in Berlin: The four-part series of official 2-euro commemorative coins with the special emblem “Paris 2024” in honor of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in the summer of 2024. France is hosting the largest sporting event in the world for the third time next year, following 1900 and 1924.

At the World Money Fair 24, the Monnaie de Paris will show the entire process of creating a coin. © Viktor Point.

At the World Money Fair 24, the Monnaie de Paris will show the entire process of creating a coin. © Viktor Point.

“We are very pleased that France is our guest of honor in this special sports year,” says Goetz-Ulf Jungmichel, CEO of World Money Fair Berlin GmbH. “With the invitation, we want to highlight the mint of the selected country and its products and bring them to the attention of collectors all over the world.”

On a special area, the Paris mint, in collaboration with the World Money Fair, will also show visitors the entire coin creation process: from the idea and design to the minting of the finished coin. Since 1998, Monnaie de Paris has not only minted the euro but also all French circulation and collector coins, as well as a variety of foreign coins. Particularly with designs featuring personalities such as Napoleon or motifs from the French Revolution, it has been captivating coin collectors around the world for years.

The World Money Fair is the world’s largest coin fair, held annually in Berlin at the end of January/beginning of February. It is the most important leading event of the international coin industry. Dealers, suppliers of accessories and auction houses from all over the world present their numismatic assortment to collectors, state mints and private mints show their novelties. In the technical area, a wide variety of machine manufacturers and suppliers to the coin industry will meet and show the complete production process for coins and medals, from blank production and minting to packaging and the corresponding tool technology. The World Money Fair has continued to develop since January 1972, when it was first held in Switzerland as the “International Coin Fair”. Today, during the three-day fair, which has been held in Berlin since 2006, more than300 exhibitors, including mints and national banks from around 50 nations, present their products and services on 9,000 square metres of space at the Estrel Congress Center. The World Money Fair also offers investors an excellent opportunity to find out about physical precious metals and their importance as an investment. The exhibition includes coins from numerous countries, special mintages and high-calibre commemorative coins, as well as special fair issues and various commemorative coins.

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