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ICOMON Annual Conference 2023: Take a Look at the Program

The International Committee for Money and Banking Museums (ICOMON) was created for museums of numismatics and museums of financial and economic institutions or companies. Every year they hold their Annual Conference with various talks and presentations.

The Bank Negara Malaysia. Image: Wee Hong via Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0.

The last years have shown that museums all over the world are facing an increasing number of challenges. Climate change, globalization, and questions of identity are forcing institutions to change traditional ways of operating. ICOMON announced that this year’s conference will be held at Bank of Negara Museum & Art Gallery Malaysia from 16-18th November 2023.

The conference will explore new techniques in the fields of digital technology, display and exhibitions, as well as publications in money and banking museums. Presentations are encouraged that address issues that curators and managers of collections encounter in this changing world. The theme of the conference is:

“Reinforcing Museum’s sustainable competitiveness in the peak of digitization & social/global challenges”.

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