Starting price: 400 CHFCORINTHIA.
Corinth. Circa  350-300 BC. AR Stater.
Astarte web auction 261
Starting price: 350 CHFIONIA.
Circa 478-387 BC. EL Hekte.
Astarte web auction 275
Starting price: 1000 CHFLycia.
Patara. C. 400 BC.
AR Hemidrachm. the second known example.
Astarte web auction 2108
Starting price: 300 CHFCILICIA.
Nagidos. Circa 420-385 BC. AR Stater.
Astarte web auction 2121
Starting price: 350 CHFEGYPT.
Alexandria. Trajan, 98-117.
AE Drachm. Unicum.
Astarte web auction 2249
Starting price: 50 CHFDomitian, as Caesar, 69-81.
AR Denarius.
Astarte web auction 2290
Starting price: 400 CHFSabina. Wife of Hadrian, 128-136/7.
AE As.
Astarte web auction 2296
Starting price: 300 CHFPhocas, 602-610. AV Solidus.Astarte web auction 2331
Starting price: 800 CHFMantova.
Guglielmo Gonzaga, 1538-1587.
AR Grosso 1550.
Astarte web auction 2394
Starting price: 300 CHFNapoléon, AR Medal.
Foundation of the Cisalpine Republic.
Astarte web auction 2478

New CCG Office will open in Dubai 2024

The Certified Collectibles Group® (CCG®) is excited to announce that it will open an office in Dubai in 2024. CCG is a global leader in expert, impartial and tech-enabled services for collectibles.

Its brands include some of the world’s largest and most trusted third-party authentication, grading and encapsulation services:

  • Numismatic Guaranty Company® (NGC®), which certifies coins, tokens and medals
  • Paper Money Guaranty® (PMG®), which certifies banknotes
  • Certified Guaranty Company® (CGC®), which certifies pop culture collectibles such as comic books, trading card games (TCGs), sports cards, video games and home video collectibles

Together, CCG’s brands have certified more than 75 million collectibles since 1987.

NGC, PMG and CGC employ highly trained specialists who authenticate collectibles, assign a grade to them on internationally recognized scales and then encapsulate the collectibles in secure holders designed for long-term preservation. Strict policies prevent conflicts of interest, and collectibles certified by NGC, PMG and CGC are backed by industry-leading guarantees, which provide further protection for both buyers and sellers.

Certification by NGC, PMG and CGC adds significant value, transparency and confidence to collectibles markets around the world. This results in higher prices realized for NGC-certified coins, PMG-certified banknotes and CGC-certified collectibles.

CCG is headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, USA, where it operates a 100,000-square-foot campus dedicated to expert services for collectibles. CCG also has locations in London, Munich, Shanghai and Hong Kong, as well as more than 40 Official Submission Centers in regions around the world.

Collectibles submitted to CCG’s Dubai office will be transported with full insurance coverage (based on the submitter’s declared value) to CCG Headquarters for authentication, grading and encapsulation. The collectibles will then be transported back to the Dubai office (again with full insurance coverage) to be returned to the submitter.

“Home to many of the world’s most elite collectors, Dubai is the perfect location to serve the fast-growing collectibles market in the Middle East,” said Steven R. Eichenbaum, CEO of CCG. “We are very eager to provide this region with better access to our expert certification services.”

Further details, including grading fees and the date of the office opening, will be announced soon.

If you are interested in applying for a position at CCG’s Dubai office, please send your CV or expression of interest to CCG.