Estimated price: 6000 EURCampanian red-figure bell krater of the CA Painter.
Cumae, 350 - 340 BC.
Height 33,6cm, ø mouth 31,2cm.
Auction 300 Antiquities3
Estimated price: 1600 EURMould-made terracotta antefix with the head of Io
with cow horns.
Width 22cm, height 19cm, depth ca. 7cm.
Taranto, early 4th century BC.
Auction 300 Antiquities65
Estimated price: 25000 EURMarble head of the graeco-egyptian god Sarapis
depicted as a bearded man with luxurious curls.
Roman Imperial Period, last quarter 2nd century A.D.
Auction 300 Antiquities88
Estimated price: 8000 EURBronze figure of Poseidon.
Roman Imperial Period, 1st / 2nd century AD.
Auction 300 Antiquities113A
Estimated price: 40000 EURRoman bronze mirror with a roundel showing
the bust of armed Minerva to the left supported
by two entagled snakes.
Roman Imperial Period, 2nd century A.D.
Auction 300 Antiquities125
Estimated price: 2500 EURBronze lamp with a tragic theatrical mask of a woman
with palmette below.
Length 19cm, width 8cm, height 7cm.
Roman, about 50 - 150 AD.
Auction 300 Antiquities133
Estimated price: 8000 EURBottle with snake-threads.
Cologne, 2nd - 3rd century AD.
Height 15,1cm.
Greenish translucent glass.
Auction 300 Antiquities230
Estimated price: 90000 EURAn encaustic fayum portrait of a bearded man.
About 130 - 150 A.D.
32cm - 22 cm on a thin wavy wood panel.
Auction 300 Antiquities329
Estimated price: 6500 EURTranscaucasian bronze openwork belt clasp,
1st - 3rd century A.D.
Auction 300 Antiquities399
Estimated price: 7000 EURMayan stone hacha.
Around AD 550 - 950. 23 x 19,5cm.
Green stone, carved from both sides.
Auction 300 Antiquities472

Steve Album’s Auction 47

Stephen Album Rare Coins

Auction 47


14-17 September 2023

USA-Santa Rosa, CA

Stephen Album Rare Coins will hold its Auction 47 on September 14-17, 2023 at their new offices in Santa Rosa, California. The auction is made up of 3400 lots of Ancient, Islamic, Indian, Chinese, U.S., and World Coins. The first two days will be in-person bidding as well as on the internet, while the third and fourth days will be internet-only sessions. Featured in the auction will be the Charles W. Lueders III Collection of Indian & Asian Coins Part II, the Joe Sedillot Collection of World Coins Part V, and a superb selection of rare U. S. coins and medals. Some highlights from the sale follow:

Lot 652.

Lot 652.

  • Lot 652: China: Republic, AR dollar, Central Mint, Tientsin, ND (1914), Y-322, L&M-858, K-642, 39mm Regular Strike type, Commemorative for the Founding of the Republic of China; facing bust of Yuan Shih Kai in military attire and tall, plumed hat // value within wreath, a lovely rainbow toned example! PCGS graded MS64. Estimate: $40,000 to $50,000.
Lot 659.

Lot 659.

  • Lot 659: China: Republic, AR dollar, Central Mint, Tientsin, ND (1923), Kann-678, L& M-959; WS-0105, Proclamation of the Constitution Commemorative; Ts’ao K’un in military uniform // jì niàn (commemorative) between crossed Wuchang Uprising and Five-colored flags, five stars around, graffiti at obverse 11 o’clock, attractive light iridescent toning, PCGS graded UNC details. General Cao Kun (Ts’ao K’un) was a Chinese warlord and politician, who served as the President of the Republic of China from 1923 to 1924, as well as the military leader of the Zhili clique in the Beiyang Army. Estimate: $15,000 to $20,000.
  • Lot 975: India. British. Victoria, Queen, 1837-1876, AV mohur, 1841(c), KM-462, S&W-3.7, Prid-22, East India Company issue, small date, number “4” without serif, with dot after date, an attractive mint state example! PCGS graded MS61. Estimate: $10,000-$12,000.
Lot 980.

Lot 980.

  • Lot 980: India. British. Victoria, Empress, 1876-1901, AR 1/2 rupee, 1879-C, KM-491, S&W-6.176, Prid-263, a lovely mint state example and thus rare! PCGS graded MS63, RR. Tied for finest graded example at both NGC and PCGS! Estimate: $8,000 to $10,000.
  • Lot 1083: World. Iraq. Faisal I, 1921-1933, 6-coin proof set, 1931/AH1349, set includes all PCGS-graded coins: silver 50 fils KM-100 PF-64, 20 fils KM-99 PF-64, 10 fils KM-98 PF-64, 4 fils KM-97 PF-64, 2 fils KM-96 PF65RB, and 1 fil KM-95 PF-64RB, a lovely well-matched set, set of 6 proof coins. Estimate: $15,000 to $25,000.
Lot 1573.

Lot 1573.

  • Lot 1573: World. United States. AV 10 dollar, 1795, KM-21, Draped Bust type, small eagle reverse, 13 leaves variety, cleaned, but a well struck lustrous example! PCGS graded AU details. The 1795 “eagle” was the first American ten dollar gold piece. There are two varieties, one with 13 leaves on the branch below the eagle and one with 9 leaves. Only 5,583 total coins were struck for both varieties. For the 13 leaves, probably 400 to 500 exist today in all grades. Estimate: $30,000 to $40,000.