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Bauer, George Joseph (1870-1961)

George Bauer was a passionate coin collector. He was elected 17th President of the American Numismatic Association and then became a professional numismatist. An authority on Greek and Roman coins and in the possession of a fabulous collection, he is little known in Europe.

Bally, Arthur (1849-1912)

Arthur Bally was born into a famous Swiss industrial family. His main passion was for Swiss coins but he clearly showed an interest for coins in general – not limiting himself to the best preserved examples or the most precious rarities. That became a problem after his death.

Bement, Clarence Sweet (1843-1923)

Clarence Bement collected not only coins – partly published in catalogues – but also books, prints, and minerals. His mineral collection consisted of over 12,500 specimens and was later given to the Museum of Natural History in New York City.

Biaggi de Blasys, Leo (1906-1979)

Leo Biaggi was a Swiss industrialist who formed an exceptional collection of ancient coins. His over 2,000 Roman gold coins are documented in a manuscript inventory. They were sold in the 70s. His “superb” Greek collection is less known.

Bachofen von Echt, Karl Adolf Ludwig (1830-1922)

Baron Bachofen von Echt (1830-1922) was an Austrian brewer and a coin collector. But he also collected paintings and formed an Ornithology Society. A portion of his numismatic collection was acquired by the Kunsthistorisches Museum.

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Berman, Allen G.

Allen G. Berman is a coin dealer, collector and author. His witty side expresses itself in his founding of the fictitious numismatic Kingdom of Bermania which he rules as King Alanus I.