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Bürki, Konrad (*1953)

The businessman Konrad Bürki has been collecting Swiss coins for decades. His collection will be offered in several sales by the Zurich auction house SINCONA.

Portrait of Henry Benjamin Hanbury Beaufoy (1786–1851) by Henry William Pickersgill, 1848.

Beaufoy, Henry Benjamin Hanbury (1786-1851)

Henry Beaufoy was a wealthy British industrialist, philanthropist and Member of Parliament. In addition to an outstanding library of 25,000 volumes, he also had an important coin collection, which was sold by Christie, Manson & Woods in 1909. An article by John Voukelatos.

Eric ten Brink (born 1968).

Brink, Eric ten

Eric ten Brink built a special collection of 1,800 coins of Hadrian. His particular interest was dedicated to coins from Alexandria, cistophori, and Eastern denarii.

Boyer, Alden Scott (1887-1953)

Alden Scott Boyer started with revolutionary period currency and finally concentrated on classical Greek coins. For what he collected beyond coins, he purchased a bank building in Chicago to house the Boyer Museum of American Curiosities.

Bradfield, Elston G. (1906-1977)

Elston G. Bradfield is especially known for his articles in The Numismatist and the Numismatic Scrapbook. He was editor of The Numismatist for over eleven years.

Boosel, Harry X (1912-1994)

Harry X Boosel was a collector of U.S. coins. He wanted to be called “Mr. 1873” because of his extensive study of the coinage of that year, to the eventual exclusion of almost everything else.

Bolla, Ferruccio (1911-1984)

Ferruccio Bolla was a Swiss judge and a passionate collector of ancient Roman gold coins.

Blaschegg, Dr. med. Max (1930-2021)

Coins were a passion for the trained doctor Max Blaschegg. In almost eight decades he built up an extensive collection of several thousand coins forming a classic universal collection, ranging from ancient Greece to contemporary Euro coins.

Bunbury, Edward Herbert (1811-1895)

Sir Edward Herbert Bunbury was an English barrister, Member of Parliament, and Vice President of the Numismatic Society of London. He collected ancient coins and published extensively on this subject.

Benz, Leo (1906-1996)

The Swiss engineer Leo Benz was an avid coin collector attached to the history of Rome. This was reflected by his coin collection.