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The Most Expensive Krugerrands on the Market: Hidden Treasures Among the Bullion Coins

Even in the field of bullion coins, there are some rarities that are now worth considerably more than the gold price. It pays to be informed! In this article, we’ll present the rarest Krugerrands on the market, with the help of specialist Dirk Wasserthal from RareCoin.

How to Tell Cheap Tungsten from Precious Gold

Peter Zgorzynski demonstrates chances and challenges using latest technology to distinguish Tungsten from Gold. Which equipment does really help to find out whether an ingot or a bullion coin is made of pure gold?

Bullion coins part 5: Libertad

There are bullion coins that simply bear a wonderful name, for instance the Mexican Libertad, liberty, the bullion coin of the United Mexican States. It tells the story of the Aztec and Mexican past.

Bullion coins part 6: The Vreneli

The relationship between the Swiss people and their Vreneli could be described as nostalgic, even loving almost. This traditional Swiss bullion coins is still a typical gift for births, First Communions or confirmations.

Bullion coins part 2: The Maple Leaf

The Canadian Maple Leaf is currently one of the most popular bullion coins worldwide. This is not only due to its ubiquitous availability but it is also popular because of its high purity and the security features, the Royal Canadian Mint has come up with.

Berlin and South Africa – an Ancient Connection

In 1892 a joke did the rounds in South Africa. Finally the newly minted coins had been put into circulation. They depicted the …

Bullion coins part 1: The Krugerrand

Gold has always been an alternative for investors. And since 1967, one can not only invest in bullion, but also in bullion coins. The South Africans ought to feel like the inventors of the gold bullion coin. They have been minting the Krugerrand since 1967.

Bullion coins part 7: The ducat

Ducats were officially disestablished in Austria in 1858. However you can still buy 1 ducats and 4 ducats for investment purposes at the Austrian Mint, which all bear the date 1915. And in a few minutes you will know why.

Krugerrand – South Africa’s Best-known Export Article

On July 3, 1967 the South African Mint in Pretoria issued the first Krugerrand coins. A new concept was at the bottom of this: These coins could be used as circulation money; however, they did not bear a nominal value…

Bullion coins part 3: The American Eagle

This bullion coin of the United States, first released in 1986, can look back on a long tradition. Its obverse takes up an effigy that was designed by one of the greatest American artists.